Leopard Hunting in Namibia … Legal and also Challenging!

Leopards are exceptionally reluctant but smart pet cats, with excellent senses. They generally show up in the evening, which is just how they have the ability to prevent human contact. For the prize seeker, the difficulty can not be greater.

It is the thrill of this quest that for centuries gets the pulse of the trophy seeker going. Searching this harmful video game takes the appropriate amount of planning and also a combination of techniques to trick this animal. It needs physical stamina, psychological stamina, patience and also endurance. Tracking, baiting as well as searching a leopard is one of the best obstacles one can experience on an African searching safari.

Leopard hunting in lawful and also purely managed by the Namibian government, and also there is nothing as thrilling as searching this totally adapted Kalahari predator. It’s the peak searching experience for a large hunter.

Contrary to popular belief, Leopard are NOT endangered in Namibia. Leopard hunting is purely regulated by the Namibian government, and is both lawful as well as lasting. Each year the authorities provide an extremely restricted amount of licenses, based on the dimension of the hunting area, the approximated leopard populace in the location, and the success price of the pursues in the past years. Annually a choose few customers on this restricted search discover the obstacle of landing real unsafe game: the leopard!

Every year the Namibian federal government authorities release a very restricted variety of licenses. The number of licenses depends on the dimension of the searching area, the estimated leopardpopulation in the area, as well as the success price of the pursues in the past years.

The minimum quality for leopards is 7 mm. A range with a high light transmission is of highest importance for this type of hunting. We offer a turn crucial bundle for leopard searching:

Schalk Pienaar Safaris Namibia Leopard Hunt: $30,000 per 14 day/ 15 night

  • Daily rates for 14 days for one seeker
  • 1 Leopard Trophy
  • 1 Zebra Trophy
  • 1 Gemsbok Trophy
  • Tag Fee Included
  • Trophy Fee Included
  • Qualified outfitter
  • Professional trackers
  • Expert
  • Field preparation of prizes.
  • Lodgings as well as all meals
  • Washing solution
  • Beer, red wine as well as spirits (in moderation)
  • All transfers, airport terminal pick-up

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