The Case For and also Against Turkey Decoys

I’ll always remember the very first time I pursued over a strutting tom decoy. I was set up in all-time low of an open, shallow draw that toms love pertaining to. It was to be the best bow-setup, as I can fire almost all directions here, as well as anything in the “dish” was within array.

I could not quest up until mid-morning, which was great, as I grew up below, as well as knew that toms would be loafing within range on some good oak flats all around me.

A triple gobble, after that one more one 100 backyards closer less than a min later on. Could it coincide bird?

The response after my first team of yelps almost frightened me.

The point must’ve listened to the telephone call and came right at me if it was. Seconds later on I saw him at regarding 50 lawns heading down into the bottom with me, just to recoil like he would certainly been gutshot before ever making it to the bottom. That bird’s temperament went from fiery white and also closing, to deathly terrified and side-stepping, as it circled my entire placement no closer than 50 actions, strangely enough swallowing the entire means. After a complete 360º surveying of my setting, he strolled right back to where he originated from, gobbling the entire means.

It was a strange experience, yet absolutely not the first time I’ve terrified birds with decoys. Early in my turkey hunting occupation, numerous birds of all sexes scared on open-field arrangements with full sun and an old, attack chicken that looked even more like a foam finger from a sporting activities occasion than a turkey. Eventually, I made my method to some higher quality hens that did a far much better task of deceiving the eyes of an old tom, especially when I concealed them a bit as well as didn’t plunk them out in a plowed area. Today I hardly ever utilize them when gun searching, unless sitting over a strut zone or searching bigger teams of birds early out west.

With a bow in-hand, I believe of them as virtually a need, as they can be crucial for maintaining the attention of a tom while you’re doing your ideal to attract on him and also launch an arrowhead. Reproducing chicken with jake and also tom combinations continue to be my favorites when searching with a stick and string, but this is a lot more true during later period when alfalfa, clover, or shin-level lawn can conceal several of the stakes and also various other gadgetry.

That said, a minimum of where I search, decoy effectiveness wanes throughout the period. I’ll either place the dekes at a 7-yard chip-shot far from the blind, or place them behind it such that any kind of tom approaching only gets bits as well as items of the decoys with the blind in the method.

For the typical turkey hunter that possesses a shotgun though, frequently decoys can be a hindrance greater than an assistance. Not only is your flexibility affected by a bag of dekes because they are merely even more to bring, they’re often loud as well as cumbersome. Even worse yet, they can assist a tom determine your location and afterwards have him utilize it against you. While turkeys are not known to be curious, the objective of any turkey searching session must be to excite interest via calling, after that hide out in a pre-determined arrangement while the tom hunts YOU. Whether you call as well loud or lengthy at the wrong time, or you go down a decoy also far out outdoors, the result it has on many toms is to hang them up. By their ears or eyes they know specifically where you are as they obtain close enough to flaunt, but remain also away for a shot.

Rather, I have extra confidence in the form, adaptability, and alternatives my calling supplies me over a decoy in many situations. A decoy is somewhat of a binary play, because it’s out there or it’s not, and once it is you’re certainly not going to remove it from the field with a tom available. That stated, when you’re calling from a concealed position and also remain stationary, that tom is still searching you. You can vary everything from volume, regularity, as well as cadence, to the instructions you toss the call while maintaining him guessing during.

On several celebrations I’ve been able to guide a tom around obstacles that may have hung him up, make a gobbler assume I was leaving simply by turning my head and silencing the phone call, or bring in a various tom coming from one more instructions just by utilizing my hand to “toss” the audio from a mouth-call.

I assume the trick, despite where you drop on the spectrum, is to utilize them when they make sense and utilize them well. Whether you love them, dislike them, or drop someplace in between, don’t rely on decoys alone to be a magic bullet for turkey concerns. Instead, dig deep right into your bag of turkey methods as you use them to compliment your method rather than be the highlight of it.

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