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This waterfowl is extensively spread on the region of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and also various other CIS nations. The household of ducks has a considerable variety of waterfowl, on which you can hunt.

And today we will tell about one of them. You most likely satisfied it on our water bodies sometimes. This duck is called a teal-teal. This small bird hardly gets to the dimension of half a mallard.

The drake in the wedding event plumage is repainted brownish brown with a grayish shade. The head is brownish with a characteristic white strip over the eye. Abdominal area of white shade; sides light grey; the mirror is dark, green. The wing feathers have a bluish tinge. The lady is a lot more decently colored. Her attire generally includes grey, white as well as red feathers. The male after moult becomes like a female. Bits refer to migratory birds.

Moreover, the teal makes quite long migratory trips, rather than various other ducks. It hibernates in Africa, on the coastlines of Turkey, Greece and also various other southern nations. At the nesting website shows up rather late, regarding 2 weeks after the arrival of the mallard, and flies before various other ducks. Like various other ducks, it avoids storage tanks in thick, dense massifs. It chooses small reservoirs — small rivers, little spills of rivers, lakes as well as swamps. — Likes water with dense, yet reduced greenery along the coast.

The teal is generally a meat-eating duck. The basis of its diet are snails, leeches, tadpoles, water insects and also fish fry. Throughout the reproducing season, it can consume particular components of water plants. Immediately after arrival, teals are split right into pairs. The reproducing season for these birds takes place with the love video games normal for all ducks. Bird nests are organized within a hundred meters from the pond or alongside it, but always in a dry location. Usually the female lays concerning ten eggs. Nasizhivanie made just by duck. The male is just a short time near the female, after which it flies away to moult. Incubation lasts 21-24 days. Ducklings dolts are quite independent as well as much quicker than the chicks of various other ducks.

Expand extremely promptly, and at a month’s age currently fly. Roughly at this age broods of chirch and also various other ducks gather in flocks. On the teal, as in other ducks, pursues are typically hunted in the autumn. Searching for this bird is simple, due to the fact that it is more trustful than various other family members. As a result, hunting with packed pets or with manks is the most effective method to get this bird. To tempt the chirps you simply require to prepare a lot of scarecrows or accounts in the type of a duck group.

Once the profile for hunting for ducks seekers made themselves, from plywood or tin. Today, top quality stuffed animals for searching waterfowl can be purchased at a searching shop. As already pointed out above, the teal is a quite dumb duck, so you can purchase packed pets or make them yourself to search for it. Even if the stuffed pets turn out to be unreliable and unnatural, searching will certainly not injure. Teak ducks can be easily recognized by the features of take-off.

Couple of birds can boast of the capacity to fly up and down and land even on generously overgrown greenery storage tanks. How does a duck handle to show such a skill of flying? The secret hinge on the physiological attributes of the wings: they are extremely narrow, as well as likewise have well-pointed ends. In nature, there are numerous species of this bird, yet the most usual are teal whistles and also teal teal. Duck-calf duck in water Teal whistle is one of the most countless bird in its habitat. Its weight may be various, but you will not fulfill all very

well-fed birds: from 200 to 450 g. These crumbs have an uncommonly lovely color. The head as well as neck in addition to the drake in a wedding celebration

dress are repainted in a rusty-brown shade, and also the chin as well as neck from below are black. Both sides of the head are enhanced with bluish-green stripes with a rich reddish tint

. The red stripes have a slim boundary of white, which extends from the eyes to the chin. The color of the upper component of the trunk, along with the sides and the podhvostya — light gray, diluted with strips of black. Back from listed below and also pernevostya painted in brown grey. Approaching the bird closer, you can see that the actual tadpole has an attractive velvety black border. The color of the abdomen is light-ohrist, and the mirror is saturated-green. Upper body, as well as likewise struma populated with beautiful black speckles. The color of the paws is grey with an olive color, the beak is black. The shade of the tail feathers is white. It is easy to differentiate a duck from a drake. In the color of its plumage, brownish-brown shades predominate, diluted with black places. The mirror is the same as that of the man, yet it is currently a little currently decorated with a white boundary. Throat of white color.

Legs coincide as drake’s. In summertime and also springtime, the color of the male adjustments: it ends up being more tedious as well as obtains brownish-gray hues.

Then you can identify it from the duck just with the aid of a mirror (the shade does not alter the entire year) and by the particular black color of the beak.

Women color is the same. Teal-cod is not as common as its above-described counterpart. Even from a country mile, one can identify a hair from a whistle, due to the fact that the bird is offered a vast, recognizable strip of white, which is located over the eye. Also, the beak is longer and has a single dark grey shade(at

the base the beak of a whistle is tinted orange-yellow). His weight is ho

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