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The quail belongs to the pheasant family. The nest of this bird can be found next to crops of buckwheat, wheat, in open glades in the woods and other places. The bird differs in that it is possible to tell does not fly and moves on the ground among the thickets of grass. It can be seen in the sky, and only then, when the bird may be in danger.

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In pre-revolutionary Russia hunting birds were not only because of its delicious meat. Quail has a wonderful voice and sings charmingly. It should be noted that a very popular and eggs birds. Eggs can be found in burrows which the bird is specially created in the earth, thanks to this specific acquire eggs. The demand for poultry and eggs is so great that recently began to open up special farms for the breeding of this bird.

Hunted this bird in various countries in ancient times. Russian peasants catch the quail from may to July, placing him traps and bait alluring, tempting or live female. Landlords go hunting with guns and hawks. But the most popular way was hunting with dogs. These traditions are relevant today. Hunting for quail begins in late summer. With this many hunters from across the country get the opportunity to try the taste of the meat of this bird. Video hunting bird can be found in the Network.

Hunt quail without a dog

If a hunter plans to go on a hunt without a dog, it is recommended to use for catching animals, the method of “rope”. Video creating devices are on the Internet. The principle is to ensure that the two belts parallel to the walking person, you need to tie the cord. In the middle of the rope should be secured to the load, such as a tin can or something. Banks, together with a cord stretching along the grass, so the birds get scared and begin to fly, so revealing its location. That’s when the hunters start shooting at them. Add that to the rope can be tied and bells.

In the southern edges hunting quail without a dog is done with the help of a hawk. It specifically carry it for these purposes. Many fans of hunting are issued daily during the arrival of birds from the Northern territories to see the “did school”. Then they move on to the preparation of weapons and stocking up ammo. Often, especially in the southern parts, quails can be caught a lot. There are periods when they are very well-fed and covered with thick layers of fat. That’s when, to find the hiding-place of a bird, and then they can be caught in large nets.

Hunting quail with a dog

Very common around the world hunting for quail with a dog. Before sunset the hunter with a dog goes to a hunting place. To go with the side that is opposite to the movement of the wind, so the birds didn’t feel threatened. Video hunting for quail with the dog is on the Internet. The dog needs to detect prey and stand in the rack. The hunter approached the animal, gives him the command to spook the quail. The bird often chooses to hide from the animal’s flight than take off, so the dog will be able to catch it live. Quail takes off, as happens often, almost from under the nose of dogs when they are in a desperate situation.


A bird flies not high and not fast, so to shoot it down in flight can even novice and not an experienced hunter. Of course, it would be preferable to have a dog that could serve the prey to the hunter, finding a wounded bird is not so simple. To catch prey it is better to keep them out of the bag and tie the neck to the belt of a hunter, thus she keeps her “attractive” appearance. A day of fishing like this can shoot up to several dozen birds. But for a good hunt for the bird dog would be good instincts, and a great hunting experience.

Hunt quail without dogs when the hunter knows all the parts of the habitat of this bird. For example, in the month of August or in early autumn, when grass fields are mowed, but the perimeters of the fields remain Islands do not cut grass, it is likely that all the birds are hiding there. Those hunters who know about it, shoot a lot of birds without the aid of dogs.

Quail hunting with a decoy

Also very popular is hunting quail with a decoy. Video you can search in the Global web. Decoy or otherwise referred to as “Doodle” is able to reproduce the rallying cry of the female. The device forming the pipe and the product for inflating air into it. The whistle is just a whistle-pipe. To create such things usually took long bones of large birds: geese, herons, etc. today, However, there are pipes that are created from metal and even plastic tubing, but keep in mind that they are not as effective as bone options.

The end of the pipe which enters the air, make open and the other tightly smeared with some soft material. Most often, as this was previously used wax, and today clay or any other plastic material.

To date, there are following types of mancow for hunting:

  1. Manual;
  2. Electronic.

In the market you can find a great selection of manual options, like imported and domestic. Video with these products is in the Network. Make them from various woods or metal. They can be homemade or factory production. Some models may have an irregular shape, a number of options, you can compress or unwind. On the Internet you can find video tutorials on making this device your own. Guidelines for creating a decoy bought a few hunters as it is very fascinating process.

To hand device gave results and was effective in catching birds, its owner must be a different excellent hearing. But such skills can not boast of every lover of hunting, and what should he do? Electronic versions created specifically for these hunters. Hunting with such a device is much easier and simpler. To use them, don’t need to have the necessary hearing and special abilities. Even very sensitive birds quickly sense danger, perfectly react to such a decoy. If it is wrong to go with the manual option, it echoes that scares birds, but not lures. And electronic models do not have this disadvantage. They can reproduce the voices of different animals are very similar, without producing unnecessary sounds.

For hunting birds with this unit best suited the warm season. The hunt should begin early in the morning or in the evening. Quail willingly responds to the sound of Munk, and gives its place. The hunter shoots the bird. Then walks to the bird or send her dog to pick up game. It should be noted that quail can quickly move around the earth. So, when you find it, you should have time to raise a bird’s wing to the point, as it change its place. The sound decoy flock most often females. Therefore, in the summer season, hunting is not allowed on this type. Shoot the birds begins in spring and ends in July. This prohibition should adhere to all hunters.

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