Bear searching

My dad was a long period of time traveled to Khabarovsk to the gold mines to generate income, it was in the Soviet period 1980-1990 the city given that they lived there for 6 months or even more had their ranches. Increased pigs, and also fed them with oats, which were planted nearby in the field.

Today I want to tell you the tale of how my father and also some close friends went to the bear.

As the papa had passed the area and saw vytopnaya turf as well as lots of it. Said the chief of the mines, that, in turn, the hunters– the bear eats the oats, then flights on it. Determined to make him wait. ‘‘ ve obtained the guns, boards as well as rope. Pertain to the solid and also high tree.

And steel on a tree 5-6 meters in elevation to construct an ambush. Pulled the rope, a few boards and sat down to wait. One male stuck an axe right into a tree.

Waiting for a hr, waiting on the various other– so the evening comes. Everyone started to doze off, and one started to snore. Currently in the field a bear can be found in as well as went and also listened to a strange sound to look. Approached the tree and also stood up on his hind legs to better consider every little thing.

At this moment, wakes up one seeker sees the bear, desires and gets hold of an axe to go to him, yet falls over the rope as well as all the hunters are up to the bear. Everybody ran in different instructions, leaving every little thing behind. Bear is no exception. In the morning it was decided to go to collect the guns and also all that is left.

Came to the place. All existing everywhere. And amongst every one of the big cake, in 5 metres much more, even after 5. I intended to see why it resembles that. Gone 100 meters is a dead bear. The postmortem examination revealed a tear of the heart (from fright).

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