Bear hunting on oats

The mighty ruler of the Russian forests coveted trophy hunter. To take over the production helps bear hunting on the oats with man-made storage shed.

The technique of process mining “clumsy” in this way rooted in the past, remaining unchanged for centuries. Only the weapons and equipment of the hunter become modern. Quality hunting clothes to help make the hours of waiting for prey, in the range presented in the online store of the company “BSHF-plus”.

Reveal all the secrets of hunting wild handsome lover to eat not only honey, but also cereals.

Prepare for future hunting

The secret of successful hunting of the brown giant who visited the field, sown with oats, in order to put on fat before winter hibernation, is the following:

  • on the arranged in advance to hunt the place (warehouse, tower) must arrive two hours before sunset;
  • route to built a warehouse needs to run on a country road or a path, but not through the forest, not to scare the beast;
  • expecting a bear, you need to have exceptional endurance – no talking (even whispering), not to smoke, to endure a mosquito buzzing, the bites, turn your cell phone off, in General, to maintain complete silence for many hours;
  • a clean shot from close range in the head, but not in the forehead and in the area where the ears, chest, under the shoulder blade.

Before you build a storage shed, you need to find places of feeding of the beast, the characteristic traces and the flattened spikelets. A field which is often visited “clumsy”, has a noticeable bald spots.

By identifying the location, selected a group of trees downwind at the edge of the field 10 – 15 metres from the bear trail and begin construction of the storage shed. At a height of 2.5 to 4 m constructed a scaffold made of poles, harvested in advance, securely fix to the trunk of the tree with a cord of nylon or aluminum wire.

Crown growing above, must be carefully cut off, so it does not interfere with the shooting, visibility is not impaired and did not give the hunter an inevitable oscillation. The hours of waiting of the beast implies the presence on the platform seat, which is made of improvised material (sticks, branches), as well as comfortable clothing, bought in the online store of the company bhf-shop.ru.

The proper equipment – the key to successful hunting

To the event production of the trophy was a success and did not empty pastime, you need to follow the above recommendations, as well as to be equipped properly. After all, the main “trick” of this method – long debilitating expectation that in the wrong clothes is almost impossible to bear. Special clothes from “BSHF-plus”, which you can choose and buy here, meets the requirements of hunters ‘ equipment, helping to produce the coveted trophy. The impressive range of models will satisfy even the most demanding of St. John’s wort.

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