Duck searching with a dog

Practiced primarily with the cops (Kurzhaar, drathaar), spaniels and also huskies.

Because duck typically does not allow the canine to stand the canine on

it is to place it on the wing.

The hunter relocates gradually along the shore of muddy pond. Pet dog searching the reeds or the

reeds on the surrounding shallow water. After an effective shot she takes the

bird to the proprietor. Apportera a canine in this quest are not interchangeable, due to the fact that the weft is extremely strong to fight.

The variety of injured at this search might exceed the number of broken birds.

So with a great canine in places of extensive hunting you can get the duck without the capturing.

Pursuing with an excellent pet that can last the entire day.

Practiced generally with the hunters (kurtshaar, draathaar), huskies and spaniels. Because the duck, generally, does not allow the pet to stand, the pet’s service it is to put it on the wing.

The seeker slowly moves along the bank of the overgrown pond. The canine is combing the reeds or reeds over the shallow water bordering it. After a successful shot, she offers the bird to the proprietor.

An apportioning canine on this hunt is not replaceable, because The duck is extremely strong at the battle. The variety of horseshoes in this hunting can exceed the variety of damaged birds. With an excellent canine in locations of intense hunting you can get a duck without capturing. Pursuing with a pet dog is likewise great because it can last the whole daylight hours.

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