Ermine searching tale

Northern Dvina had swamped the Islands, fields, cultivatable land — — flood. On a cloudy day-the-fields grey, solar blue. If you consider the water — — it’s yellow-brown

. Our boat, driven over as well as paddle my close friend slides on the splashed water; we swim with the fields, go across the hay, walk around or take the strike thickets of willow and also alder. The bushes are sprayed with plant pollen us the marital relationship of their moderate colors.

Landed on the island. Otherwise event and willows on the banks, yet not my expertise of the lays out of the low-lying shores of this island, one would not notice it. We came below for a night duck flight. He has currently begun, as well as construct a groove suggests to lose dawn. I’m on a heap of brushwood, a good friend of mine goes on and also hiding in a boat under the rare Navico bare shrubs.

Evening. Silence.

I can hear gurgling and bubbling in the water air bubbles. This is the land of alcohol consumption water. Consume alcohol to give birth to neprikosaemye yard. Heard to split as well as burst the buds on the trees.

Far over the river moan gulls. Someplace in the fields, whistling Whimbrels. An effective flutter of wings accompanied his rapid flight to the home of groups of sea Aythya.

Around me increases unexpectedly a rustle, rustling, snapping. The start of sundown conflict right away to determine the reason for the sound. I stare at it and find that are in a Kingdom of rats. My pile of firewood, just Noah’s ark, surrounded by numerous computer mice, moles, rats and also shrews. They chase each other, battling, whimpering as well as bothering me to enjoy duck trips. The only reason I yawned a couple of teals. Teal plunked right into the water in advance of me as well as I choose not to pay attention to the mouse’s area.

It takes numerous minutes of waiting. The trip of ducks is somewhere in the side or back. I hear the whistle of wings, hear the splashing and quacking, yet apart from 2 slightly visible Chirkov, in front of me, nothing. But after that behind a person thoroughly imported. What is it? Do not dare to recall, worried to frighten teals. Fuss at the time subsides, then happens once more, better, after that more detailed. Someone is put on, leaps as well as should be bathed, as I hear the dashes of water.

This is the unidentified haunting the side, really close. I very carefully transform my head and also compare a small animal. Black, with dark upright ears, with a fluffy tail.

It’s ermine, — — I recognize its noisy neighbor. Rat tornado, the callous pest control expert of rats.

Leap forward, ermine skillfully operates on a slim twig, jumping a bump, with her on the stump reduces into a ball as well as makes a fast throw. A carefully computed action — — as well as from the aggressive jaws of a weasel listened to a fatality squeak of a computer mouse. Ermine plays, tossing the victim up, captures it on the fly I. indifferently throws. Then the quest continues. Hunting is not as a battle for existence, the weasel is definitely a well — — fed-searching as a cruel leisure activity. Instead, it is a manifestation of the impulse of a predator.

Ermine is endured the heap. Here he is leaping and waiting for that next jump will adhere to parallel. However no, virtually on the fly he counts on the side. The relocation freezes so firmly that even in any awkward setting he did not fail not a muscle mass, not one hair on the skin. Sniffing, seeing, paying attention. Once again, jumps, hurries, creeps right into the slit, puts the muzzle, relocating like mercury, in every space and also cranny and the battery falls on one more sufferer. Often toss my seeker finishes in an error, it is unknown what time the mouse handles to hide. Red fish are not chasing her, he understands that there are still lots of others.

However then I flinch from shock. The echo multiplies the shot my pal. Nonetheless, I do not forget ermine. And also he though that, he is deaf to whatever, selflessly continues to hunt.

I look in the direction Teal. They swim and also did not appear to listen to anything. One of them is much bigger, undoubtedly Drake. I did not think to fire. Due to the fact that it would certainly imply to deprive on your own of an uncommon phenomenon ermine searching.

And also the ermine hunts relentlessly. Has computer mice, throws and locates the dead once more alive. Now he is running right at me. I do not take a breath, as well as he’s two feet from my feet stops in her tracks. I see shimmer of his dark eyes, they are intently taking a look at my boots. What if to move his foot? — — I think I do it very meticulously. If tossed by surge, high jumps ermine and also headlong, defeats a hasty resort. I can not stand, jump, hoot and whistle after him.

As well as ermine is flying without a path. Jumping from hummock to hummock, from a hummock on a bunch of sticks, but might not reach to her and plops down in the water. Rapid swimming, a puppy slapping the water with their paws.

Anxious Teal bullet off the water and fly away.

My buddy evidently listened to the whistle, began to move in their bushes. My pal does not conceal enjoyment when I see his prey. Yet I’m not satisfied with less of it and will certainly always remember what take place to see me today.

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