Getting a hunting card

Hunting license is an official document confirming the admission of the owner to hunt with no limit on the territorial principle.

Obtained in the prescribed manner a document is adopted at the Federal level, a uniform pattern has a series and number.

Hunting card performs the following functions:

Permits to hunt the animals and birds. So, in the absence of this document authorizing such actions are considered as poaching, subject to administrative punishment in the form of a fine.

Allows you to obtain a license to purchase, store and carry smoothbore hunting rifle.

Confirms the owner’s knowledge about the safety of the use of weapons for hunting, about hunting rules. Thus, eliminating the need for exams for obtaining a license (citizens who buy shotguns for the first time must pass the examination on knowledge of safety rules).

Allows you to purchase licenses (permits) in a variety of hunting. Guarantees absence of problems with law enforcement while transporting hunting weapons.

Allows you to use it in self-defense.

Enables through 5 years after purchase, shotgun purchase shotgun with a rifled barrel.

The list of documents

To receive the hunting ticket it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

  1. The statement of the unified forms for the provision of services.
  2. A passport or other document proving the identity.
  3. A copy of the passport (2nd and 3rd pages, registration of a mark).
  4. Pictures (2 PCs.) Photo size must be strictly 25*35 mm. the Picture may be color or black and white.
The procedure for obtaining a hunting ticket

More recently the procedure of registration of the document as much as possible simplified. Need to undergo re-registration every 5 years is cancelled and now a ticket is issued only once. The service is free.

The procedure for obtaining the document consists of two stages:

  1. The filing of an application for the issue of the ticket.
  2. The results of the ticket to the relevant state authority (usually the regional Department of the Ministry of natural resources and environment).

Consideration of an application for tickets is strictly responsible government entity, but to submit it in several ways:

  1. Directly to the authority you Need to contact the appropriate authority in the local Administration with the obligatory documents to sign the consent for personal data processing. Hours of admission and documentation requirements must be clarified on the website, either . The term of consideration of the submitted applications is usually about 5 working days.
  2. In the MFC application Procedure when applying to the IFC much easier, such as service points of the population at the present time quite a lot and welcome them in advance. The citizen must be recorded on or through the Internet to the nearest Department of the IFC at the place of residence for admission and to appear with documents at the appointed time. MFTS transmits the received information to the authorized body, which further gives a hunting license.
  3. Through the portal of public services This method allows you to apply from the comfort of home. To be able to use the portal you must first register on it. A registered user can submit an application to receive the hunting ticket in electronic form. In this case, to the completed online application shall be accompanied by scanned documents, certified by electronic signature. Personal appearance is required only to obtain the ticket.
  4. By mail Sending by mail is the most time consuming method of application, because the process is added to the time of the transfer mail to the destination. The date of filing of the application shall be the date of its receipt by the authorized body. The letter must be certified with return receipt and list of contents. All the nested copies of documents shall be notarized.

The turnout to the authorized body or the MFC may be carried out by the citizen or his legal representative. Applying for and getting a ticket the official representative may be exercised only on the basis of a respective notarized power of attorney.

Hunting opportunities with a ticket

Of the above functions of the hunting ticket home for the seriously keen on hunting people is the ability to obtain licenses (permits) to shoot animals and birds in certain areas. Sold it in the hunting societies on a General basis or on the basis of membership.

The possibility to join similar organizations at regional and local levels include the following benefits:

  1. Preferential permits in hunting grounds.
  2. Preferential prices for weapons, equipment.
  3. Obtaining specialist advice.
  4. Participation in events (competitions, exhibitions, etc.).
  5. Access important information (the opening and closing of the season, permitted locations for hunting, the best land, etc.).
  6. Legal support, which allows you to be aware of all changes in legislation.
  7. Assistance in the acquisition and training of hunting dogs, etc.

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