Goldfinch common

Goldfinch common – these elegant birds, with a bright red mask on the head and bright yellow feathers in the wings, with the end of summer and the whole winter can be found feeding on large Asteraceae the burdock, Thistle, Thistle.

The young goldfinches are not on the head of red and black. Prickly heads of weeds goldfinches thin beak as tweezers, deftly pull out the seeds. That the weeds were feeding these birds, you can see a little dry disheveled heads of plants and numerous dark seed shells scattered under a Bush. They are especially visible in the snow until the next snowfall.

On Burr, they often feed and great Tits, but these birds are looking for in the heads of larvae of weevils and husk from the seed in such plants, you will not see, but the head can be badly battered. Quite often, goldfinches descend on land near ponds and streams to drink, but snow rarely falls many other wintering we finches – bullfinches, cacheton.

The goldfinch is a small Finch: length about 15 cm, weight 17,5 g. imprint Size feet it has a 2.5×1.2 cm, slightly smaller than the greenfinches, and larger than that of the Redpolls. But it can only be noticed on very clear prints, and not on the eyes, and making measurements of trace. Jump these birds fairly easily, jumping long, averaging about 10 cm Width of the trace track about 3 cm.

Goldfinches nest is built on high bushes or trees, and they look like the nests of finches. The diameter of socket 9.5, tray 5×2.5 cm it is Made of fine grass and rootlets, bound with spider web, stuck to the walls of moss, lichens, and thin strips of birch bark. The clutch can be 4-5 pale blue eggs with purple-brown speckles and pinkish shadows. Juv goldfinches feed mostly small insects, which are selected from the Corolla of flowers.

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