Grosbeak usual

Grosbeak common — — sized bird, almost Starling-sized bird with body size about 18 centimeters, weight 54 g. the Plumage is brown, stocky type of body, large head, beak large, gray-blue color.

Hawfinch is extensively distributed from Western borders of Russia to the coastlines of the far Eastern seas. In the West it can be discovered as much as Leningrad as well as Tver regions.

The beaks of various varieties of finches and goldfinch; b — — rats; in — — Grosbeak; g — crossbill-elovik, d — bullfinch; e — Chaffinch These birds have the ability to squash with their strong beak is a hard-shelled fruit of several plants of stone fruit (cherries, cherries, sloes, plums) and also walnuts, forestry as well as ache nuts. These birds eat seeds, hawthorn, grape, viburnum, honeysuckle, Magnolia creeping plant, Amur cork tree, maple, Linden, ash, buckthorn, juniper, Apple, pear. Eat beech nuts and also acorns.

Fall can see the yards and damage the corn, peas, soy, sunflower, wheat. Of insects choose beetles, crunching even the hard chitinous integument. In those areas where dubanosau many traces of their tasks difficult to find.

In the center lane Grosbeak are rather uncommon. Cherry gardens right here it harms a little, most often the birds can capture bird cherry tree. The juicy pulp of the fruit of the Grosbeak virtually no attracts. Possessing powerful beak, it resembles forceps for fracturing nuts, divides the shell of rock exactly on the seam, gnawing the seed, as well as the pulp and empty shells are up to the ground or adhere to the sheets.

This path is easy to determine places of feeding these birds and also what plants they fed on. Eventually in late fall in the country nursery I satisfied dubanosau among yeast infections, the fieldfares. The birds were feeding on the blackthorn with a medium-sized fruit. Blackbirds swallow fruit whole, and also hawfinches, as usual, split the covering, and also consuming the kernel.

On the ground Grosbeak rarely drops. Relocate leaps or action, swaying like a parrot. The marks of his paws simpler to detect on the financial institutions of ponds where birds come to consume alcohol, or under the fruit trees as well as plants.

Far Eastern little and also big black-winged grosbeaks in the autumn feed on yearn nuts as well as the fruit of the Amur velvet. Asian white-winged Grosbeak eats practically exclusively seeds of juniper. Under the trees that feed the birds, constantly a great deal of fruits and also the residues of the shell. Contrasted to other birds of the family dubanosau finches have strong beaks.

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