Grouch searching in the springtime

The male is commonly called a crook or chukhar. The weight of some people reaches up to 7 kg. The lady is called pied or copula, she is a lot smaller than the man.

The wood-grouse is an ancient, relic bird. It is tough to puzzle a substantial black as well as grey fowl with red eyebrows(guy is always handsome) withinconspicuous motley. Only the scoundrels speak, and also the young wood-grouse usually keep quiet. Existing The present is the area where the”activity

“itself takes place. The present has the very same place from year to year and so can lastfor a longtime if it is not disrupted by a person or natural aspects, for example, a forest fire. The existing is usually situated in a deep place, or in a clearing surrounded by trees, or in a rare forest where there is no underwood, on the edge of a moss bog. Therefore the second name is a criminal. Locate a capercaillie talk — great good luck. Just here to talk concerning its place is not worth it,

or else you can be left without a treasured trophy. Grumble start to gather on the existing in March. Here currently it is uncomplicated to figure out. The bird feeds There, consuming yearn or juniperneedles. On the snow are particular prints of embellishments as well as impactson their sides left by decreased wings. During this duration, already at dawn, you can listen to

the call-up « track » of wood grouses. The extremely elevation of vocal singing begins in April or early May, depending upon the area as well as the weather condition.

A large current can include as much as fifty birds and occupy a huge «location». Most commonly there are present upto a dozen complaint. We did not have to look for the area of the existing, as my sidekicks had been

at this location for years. After 30 km on the UAZ along thetrembling woodland roads, we strolled one more 5 kilometres, after which we discovered ourselves.

Right away make a booking that we left beforehand in order to perform reconnaissance on the ground throughout daylight. Outing showed that the present is valid. We have prepared the paths of coming close to the present, given that it was to be come close to in

the dark. And in the evening, any branch that fell under the foot can make sufficient noise to scare this small existing. After that, we returned 400 meters, where we opted for a brief rest

. From the technique After an extensive instruction, shortly before dawn, we relocated towards the present. Meters for 150 stopped. After a short wait, they heard the track of the grouse. Professionals call this process of waiting the eavesdropping. Yeah, weakly this tune resembles a serenade.

The track of a scoundrel contains two parts, in between them a bird makes a sound comparable to the sound of a cork being pulled out of a container. The initial part, much longer, looks like clicking a fingernail throughout a matchbox. The second component lasts just2-3 seconds.

I would certainly contrast the noise with the noise that is acquired at the factor of the knife on bench . It goes to this moment that the grumble sheds hearing. Scientists declare that some are developed during the current of the tumor,

which at the time of the 2nd part of the « serenade » cover the bird’s ears.

We are not philosophers, however specialists. For that reason, throughout the short-term deafness of the scoundrel, they had time to take 2-4 actions and once again discolored. The technique to the current bird should be very

cautious. Hearing hearing, yet his sight does not refuse. We came close to, concealing behind the «trees. The procedure, frankly, is one. Your heart is battering, adrenaline rolls over, it appears that your breath is listened to for a kilometer. The timber grumble currently strolled along the branch, transformed from side to side as well as sang

with time-outs. Even after dark came the motley rushes , which was flawlessly audible by the flapping of the wings. They also muffled the branches of trees and occasionally published an indistinct mutter(again, handsome male!). It seemed to me that we were coming close to the grouse for a considerably long time. In some cases it seemed that the sound of

a tune originated from all sides. This is due to the fact that the wood-grouse strolled along the branch and also transformed in various instructions. Below I was able to clearly see the capercaillie on a pine branch. Remembering the guidelines, I awaited the second part of the track, increased my gun and took aim. With the following 2nd component, I contended the side of the criminal. With trembling hands, he approached the fallen bird. The trophy was taken. Shoot with a temporary hearing problems of the bird should be because in case of a miss out on, he will not listen to the seeker and also the shot will have a 2nd

chance. Capturing to the side is essential since the capercaillie will certainly not fly away with a damaged wing, whereas a shot in the chest does not guarantee that the bird will certainly not fly away and will certainly not die in the woodland regularly. Of skradka We invested thenext brief north night in Skradka. Buddies made it for a long time, it naturally match the

bordering area and also did not alarm system grouse. The very first tracks were listened to late in the evening, yet they were non-active and lethargic, unlike dawn. Therefore, to approach the present grumble better at dawn. Come to the call motley

rested on the branches. The scoundrels, that saw them, flew as much as them as well as dropped to the ground, continuing to stream. It turned out that motley is 2 pieces much less than roosters. Start one of the mostinteresting.

This can be called battling without rules. The roosters went to the sides, then knocked once more so that only the plumes flew. The fight between several wood-grouse(it was difficult to count properly, since they were usually blended, and also all on one “face”)lasted about 15 mins, up until one of the fowls went to a distance of a certain shot. The partner did not miss. The present is immediately empty.

What else wasinterestingto find out? The current begin oldest grumble. Young sign up with later on. It is not even worse if you begin coming close to a young man who has actually flown in not

a lot existing, how much to consider. He does not sing, so scaring him off at the technique is extremely straightforward. It is additionally called quiet. The present is really affected by the weather. If it is cold, gloomy, moist, rainfall, then timber grouses can merely collect, sit, as well as the current will not begin. Best of all they chat in good cozy climate. The very first part of the track, after voicing, can be silent. This situation is called haul. If this takes place, do not interfere

with the decoy, which makes the noise of a lady. The wood-grouse, usually, having actually heard him, will continue his call. We lacked semolina, so I can not say whether this is so. Some hunters use a night vision tool, which makes it possible to find the capercaillie at an earlier phase of the approach. I discovered that there are white-bellied complaint

, dark taiga as well as black-bellied. It depends upon the habitat

. One of the most fascinating is the wood grumble(the name explains the habitat ). His tunes are really different from the remainder, and he does not delay throughout his

serenade. It is smaller sized than usual and also has a blue black color. Comrades, also, did never quest for such a video game, as well as we questioned for a very long time how was it came close to throughout the hunt? Defense and also ammunition, equipment For searching wood-grouse there are particular demands for weapons. Of all it is 12 gauge. It is barely worth drawing a semiautomatic devicewith you, as well as a conventional double-barrels is enough. The important things is that the battle of the weapon

ought to be heaped and sharp. Therefore the demands for the clients. Be sure to fraction number 0-1, not much less, a part of gunpowder — 36 grams or even more, a container. Shooting from a distance of no more than 40 meters. Clothes need to be cozy, light, not constraining activity. It must not rustle very a lot, because the grouch is an extremely mindful bird, it is simple to discourage it away with additional noises. Penalty, if you place on long johns, think me, the thing

is irreplaceable. It is essential to have a collection of spare clothes and socks with you. As well as ultimately. Exceptional, outstanding trophy spring timber grumble. The taste leaves much to be desired

. Influences winter season food needles, its meat often has its preference. Yet not for the sake of meat, hunters climb up in the springtime that understands what kind of forest, lookingfor a capercaillie current.

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