Hunting for grouch, in spring

The quest for the spring scythe is a really fascinating as well as interesting task. Also if you are left without a trophy, the very observation of the current, throughout the battles of fowls will certainly offer you excellent satisfaction.

Before you take place black grouse, be sure to inspect whateverattachedwith it. Licenses for black grouses have actually been introduced in nearly all areas. Our price is 100 rubles. for one trophy. Spring searching is carried out almost everywhere on the basis of a license, the number of copies is purely restricted.

In the spring , the searchingseason for a kosach normally accompanies the time for a waterfowl, and also is performed exclusively on present.

In some locations, spring hunting for a scythe is usually forbidden.

Hunting grouse is a favored line of work for a substantial variety of seekers.

It is hunted both in the loss and also in the springtime. From the hut and also from the technique.

If both the female and the man are allowed to shoot in the fall open season, in the spring, searching is accomplished solely on the man. It is very easy to identify them.

Grousehas a brilliant black color, it is larger, in the springtime, his brows end up being intense red. Its tail has a little white tuft and also has a crescent shape, for which he got the name Kosach. In some regions, it is also called Chernysh for its coloring.

The femaleis variegated as well as somewhat smaller in size. Call her complaint or malyuha.


Typically, the present grouse always passes in the exact same location. Only a negative influence in the form of human elements or woodland fires can influence the adjustment of current location.

Kosachis like to schedule currents in dry marshes, in woodland glades, edges, glades, etc. The woodland needs to be blended, in solely coniferous forests, especially in them more frequently, the kosach current is not satisfied.

Identify the place of thecurrent is not very challenging. Because completion of February — — the beginning of March, a group of squids are kept near the present. On a clear, icy early morning, they like to remain on the treetops, and their mutterings can be listened to for kilometers. This truth is the very best tip to the area of present.

Habits of kosachs on current

Generally the existing itself happens in April-May, depending on the region.

In the complete darkness, the squash rest on the trees beside the present, which is gone along with by an unique flapping of the wings. After that decrease to the ground.

The earliest Tokovik rooster starts to chat, having made a seem like “Chufysh” numerous times, its seekers call chufykaniy. Afterwards, he jumps a number of times in the air and begins his song, which looks like a pigeon cooing, intensified several times.

The rest of the kosachs begin to collect on the current, including in this “chorus”, containing chopping and loud muttering.

In the «« wild» » places where people hardly ever appear, the number of tokos can be greater than fifty.

Young roostersgenerally first observe the habits of even more skilled pigs, joining the existing a little later.

It is really intriguing to view the fights of fowls. They fly at each various other, peck the challenger as well as defeat their wings. Only plumes fly in different instructions.

One day, my friend climbed up on the current in the evening, covered himself with a huge item of tarpaulin, and also at dawn watched battles battling. In the enjoyment, some even ran on it. (In our area, not as long ago there was a restriction on the springtime squash, unfortunately).

In the midst of the current appear malyuhi.

At about 9 o’clock the present subsides.

Evening presentfrequently happens, only it is extremely short in time and also the number of present fowls is a lot less.

Hunting from a hut

When the area is cooked, the searching process itself starts.

Pertaining to the hutneed to be still dark, before the look of kosachs.

Meters for 200 from the current all motions should be as

peaceful as feasible so as not to discourage overnight grouses nearby. Capturing a tokovik ought to not be, it can interrupt the entire existing.

The hunter must patiently wait on one of the fowls to come close to the hut at a range of a sure shot. Close shoot is ineffective, you can wreck the desired prize. For a shot, the range from 15 to 40 meters will certainly do, and also further it makes little feeling to shoot too.

The range can be assigned beforehand by landmarks, so as not to be misinterpreted at dusk, determining it aesthetically.

Shoot a scythe in the side, so less most likely that a wounded bird can fly away.

Damaged pet isbest to get the 2nd shot.

The shot should be made during the silence of thesquat. They, unlike timber grouses, do not disappear while singing.

It is thought that the shot is not extremely frightening fowls and also after a brief amount of time, they once again recite the present.

You ought to not leave the hutfor the selection of the trophy, the appearance of a person on the current will specifically make the birds fly away. It is much better to wait for it to finish.

If you have a permit for the 2nd guy, you can await one more great moment and also obtain the 2nd prize.


The most common method to search a springtime squash is hunt from a hut.

If the hut is geared up for a long period of time, after that this is a huge plus when hunting.

If you are first on the existing as well as are going to make a hut, then you must take into account a number of rules when it is built.

An area for the hutought to be chosen not in the very facility of the current, however 20-30 meters far from it. Just how to identify the center? This will aid you binoculars. It deserves viewing from afar the current in advance. It is required to take into consideration the instructions of the globe It is preferable that the hunter watched the present, wanting to the east. Hence, at sunrise, you can much better see the kosachs.

The productwhere the hut is created, need to be from the vegetation that is present on the current. At first a pole is made of posts, which is after that gathered branches.

In the camping tent it is essential to supply 2-3 loopholeswhereby the hunter will certainly observe birds and also shoot. A review should suffice.

If there are trees or bushes close by, it is better to prepare a hut near them. It needs to be well merged with the surface, or else the hut will alert the scythe, and they can carry the current for numerous tens of meters. You can not dream of an intended shot.

If the location under the hut is dry, then you can dig a opening with an actionon which the hunter will certainly rest. In this situation, the hut will certainly end up much lower as well as will stand apart less.

Ahead of time, you need to think about the facilities. To do this, you have to place a cozy clutter or carimat in the hut.

You must likewise focus on the back, due to the fact that to sit in a hut to be a few hours.

Any type of activities and also sounds are unwanted, they can notify the present roosters.

Review the question inbreakthrough what to wear. Numerous do not have to go, but to rest — — yes. Shoes and also garments need to be cozy. Rustling and also various other extraneous noises from garments are undesirable.

Searching from the method

This technique requires great care, there need to be no sound, breaking dry branches and the like.

Strategy to the place of thecurrent should additionally be still in the dark as well as on the edge of it.

At the beginning of the toking, you can choose the fowlthat is furthest from the center of the present and thoroughly approach it while murmuring. The seeker in this situation should be prepared to shoot at all times.

Kosach throughout the current runs a whole lot, so anytime can jump in front of the hunter.

It isrequired to shoot onlywhen the rooster itself is plainly noticeable, as well as not simply the white feathers of its tail.


It is utilized when hunting from the approach, on the ground, which does not permit to come close to the scythe for a shot.

Before utilizing it, it deserves discovering how to mimic thegrouch’s voice, which will take some time as well as perseverance. A fake noise might trigger the fowl to react, but he will not come close to the seeker.

You ought to not often beckon, after a few secs you need to take a break for 10-15 mins.

Defense and ammo

The springtime black grumble is quite solid versus the injury, so the weaponmust not be less than 16 quality and also have a sharp heap.

Cartridgesusage 3-4 numbers per container.

When shooting from a hut, the trunk needs to not be way out of the technicalities; even this can signal the tokens.

It is likewise not needed to fire, if the fraction can touch malyukh, it is better to wait on an easier moment.

You ought to not take a pet dogfor a spring hunt with a shovel, even if it is trained flawlessly. Any type of activity of her in a hut or heading can notify the birds, as well as they will fly far from the present. Leave her in your home till autumn.


The most energetic presenttakes place in warm clear weather condition.

The kosachs additionally stroll in gloomy weather condition, but a strong wind, rainfall, snow, frost detrimentally affect the activity of the current. Yes, and not extremely comfortable to sit for numerous hrs in a hut in this weather.

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