Hunting for grouse with husky

Somewhere between late September and early October experienced miners dressed in hunting clothes , and take their faithful dogs and go into the woods.

Out there waiting for their fall hunting for grouse with husky – one of the most interesting types of hunting. This is due to the fact that these birds behave quite predictably when barking, not like the same black grouse or hazel grouse.

And, of course, adds excitement cautious behavior of grouse, which has developed vision and hearing. To get close to him is an adventure, but everything in order.

Ready to hunt, picking up places, dogs, clothing and equipment

The perfect location and time for the extraction of grouse is early morning in lowland glades of pine or cedar forests. During this period the birds are looking for sustenance in bolotino and forest edges, falling to the ground. The perfect companion, Laika, trained to hold and bark. The dog should be able to scare the bird and lead it to the trees (grouse often hide in the crowns, not fly). The dog must be relatively restrained and trained to bark at the victim, attacked by bushes or trees.

To see the clothing and equipment will help section, clothing for hunting on the website of the online store BSHF+ . Requirements for clothing: warmth, lightness and noiselessness. You can shoot shot 1 to 3 number or a rifle. Nice to have the binoculars as to detect in the crowns of grouse can be a challenge.

What tactics to choose for hunting grouse with a dog in the fall

The optimal tactic is that Laika discovers a group of birds or an individual and forcing them to stand on the wing and hide in the tree. Next the dog must accompany the victim and determine his location by barking. Again, under no circumstances the dog should not rush to the tree that with high probability will force the grouse to leave.

Then it’s up to hunter. At the time, like Laika diverts attention birds on himself, he tries to silently and secretly to get close to a distance sufficient for the implementation of the shot. Search for capercaillie is carried out with the help of binoculars or, if the crown scanty, visually.

Given that bird has a very highly developed eyesight and hearing, should be selected so that between the victim and the shooter were shrubs or trees. You also need to track each step in order to not make sudden crunch of a twig or branch.

And remember that a very important role in the extraction of ammunition plays: its convenience, warmth, camouflage. Online store BSHF + offers a massive amount clothing and shoes for hunting each season. You can easily pick up exactly what you need!

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