Searching in France

For the preparation of water and also forest guards, called in France the forest cops, in 1929 in the Department of Loire was started a special boarding school, in 1960 it was changed into the national.

Training duration at institution — 2 months, the number of pupils 25-27. The school approves persons stood an unique exam as well as have at the very least one year of practical work in this specialty.

Searching in France

At school students study the primary sorts of wildlife, ecology as well as illness of video game, growing it in nurseries, the capturing and also launch of land. The program likewise includes the organization of books, canine reproduction, hunting weapons, topography, first aid to the sufferer, approaches of taking care of poachers.

In the functional training included the butchery, battue searching, banding of chicken, making use of traps, etc. of the Person recommended for the placement of primary assessor, held an added two-week program.

Together with functions of defense policemans searching authorities carry out the duties of service technicians in the farming game as well as the economic situation of hunting. The school organized training as well as progressed training of employees of the forest guard.

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