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Jay common — — tinted forest bird with fluffy pinkish-red tuft, black, with white edges to wing plumes and a bright candy striped blue place on the bend of the wing, of modest length, the tail is additionally black, as well as the rump and uppertail are white. Extremely stylish bird! Seeing her at close quarters, you find out conveniently.

The size of it with a Daw, its body size 34 cm, yet the weight-even a little easier — by 158.8-is 165.5 g. in Autumn jays are loud, simple to — bring in the focus of the observer.

Yet during the reproduction season act inconspicuously and silently, preventing the face.Jay is the primary consumer of the oak acorns, although acorns and eating much more birds — large motley woodpeckers, nuthatches, grouse birds, and also ducks, particularly the far Eastern Mandarin duck as well as our duck.

All of them except woodpecker and nuthatch, swallow acorns entire, almost no oak, no recognizable traces of your tasks. And also where feeding jays, you can locate the busted shells of acorns with traces of brief, however strong beak. This is the job of heaven jays.It usually makes the stocks of acorns, hiding them in moss or poking under the peeled bark. In the fall, at the time of harvesting potatoes, the crow flies on gathered potato area and also grabs little blemishes of potato, in the process, pecking away at bugs, and never misses a chance to order a vole.

Capturing a rodent, it lugs it on some stump or snag and also tore off the sufferer’s skin in tiny items. In place of a dish continue to be shreds of skins, littles the intestines, the stomach intact, and also occasionally simply eaten part of a rodent. Sometimes this bird captures tiny frogs, yet frequently they do not eat.

Along with the jays consume acorns and various other fruits. Hazelnuts divided on stumps or dropped trees, leaving in place the fragments of the covering. Occasionally eat the fruit of the red elderberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, cowberry, birdcherry, Rowan. In late autumn out at the collected fields as well as pick up grain oats, peas, corn. In the summertime proactively victimizes bugs, including big beetles — may, bronzovok, Longhorn.

Capture the hornets, eat unshaven caterpillars of moths as well as silkworms. Jay can be considered definitely helpful a bird as rasprostranitelem oak, as well as also as a medic, damaging unsafe bugs as well as rodents.

But during reproducing season it often devastations nests of little insectivorous birds, and unlike the magpies and also crows, not to remove eggs, and, breaking the shell, consume their components in place, leaving the nest empty, broken beak of the shell. He can eliminate and eat little fish. Snow till the snow deepness is still little, Jay remains to stay in the oak and Hickory. Seeking nuts as well as acorns, excavating for snow as well as rake leaves. Unlike the protein located nut it is not split promptly, in the hole, and also carries a handy place — a stump or limb. Throughout takeoff birds near the wells commonly there are traces of its wings. Paw prints jays, as well as they are 6 × 1.5 centimeters, simple to identify from signs of various other corvids, the cams also.

Like many corvids, Jay resets in some cases spits up. They are medium-sized, 2.3 x 1.5 cm, as well as contain the seeds of various fruits as well as the chitin of bugs. Jay nests on various trees, placing the nest at a low elevation. Places nest in the fork of a trunk, on a branch near the trunk as well as often vygnivshaja tooth cavity of an old tree. I have located nests of these birds just in pines and firs. Outside the nest is composed of great dry twigs and is lined inside with slim origins and also dry lawn.

The clutch is usually 5 eggs, though there are indications that there might be more, practically to 10 PCs Eggs, medium-sized, slightly bigger than the eggs of the Blackbird. The mean worth of 30.5 × 22,2 mm. On a light yellowish history of great mottles are arranged so densely that every one of the egg seems clay-yellow.

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