Just how to pick the best fraction by the duck specifically duck hunting

Duck searching has actually ended up being very popular amongst all classifications of seekers, of any type of age, regardless of experience. The truth that he feels the seeker, standing at the dawn, warming very first rays of the sunlight, in anticipation of the look of drakes or ducks, past words.

Duck — — a favorite feathered trophy seekers Every novice hunter eventually confronted with this kind of game birds. Due to the fact that duck is very typical in our country. The principle of location is simple — — location the water and quacking trophy.

Well-mannered writers are self-taught unknown skill has actually handled to create lots of advantages to this sort of hunting, spreading their posts in small publications and also various books with glossy covers of uncertain beginning. Consequently, any type of novice hunter can encounter numerous obstacles when trying to improve your skills of hunting for a feathery victim. Let us check out the order.

A little theory

Take into consideration main points taking for the duck. First, it is the high sharpness of the fight. It is not just resistant duck to shot (specifically at the end of the season), yet the truth that the injured animal at this time can conveniently leave or to disguise. Additionally, the game constantly lives in locations overgrown with vegetation and also sedge, as bulletproof to the hunter as well as his pet dog.

Hereof, it is safe to disagree with the authors of textbooks declaring that require this type of intensity, which would offer a velocity of 150 m/s and penetration of pellets in a completely dry want Board at a range of 35 metres to a deepness of a couple of sizes. In theory this is all regular for bench shooting, yet in practice such a shot generally we just obtain wounded or perhaps miss out on the bird.

Be sure to attain a speed of 200 m/s, and the intensity from 35 meters in the pine Board needs to be regarding 3-3,5 pellets. This rate you will accomplish making use of «« Tight » powder gasket (3 mm), the higher the felt wad at a ratio in the projectile, the powder/shot — — 1/15,5. Greater ratios will just boost the penetration, nevertheless, have to sacrifice accuracy, which is not really convenient for us on long shots.

Precision and knockdown

Second of all, it is extremely essential that the quantity of shot going into the body of a duck, remained in the range of 4-8 pieces (depending on numbers). If the damaging of the pellets will certainly be much less after that the probability of penetration of the crucial organs of the bird reduces as well as with bigger numbers — — we’ll simply separate the carcass and lower the size of the circle of slaughter.

Well and also, thirdly, we need a different accuracy of the projectile. The main factor that determines precision is the range of the shot, however it is constantly limited destructive component certain combination of «« Chuck-a gun» » and also shooting abilities of the hunter.

In basic words, it is necessary to have a clear concept about the fight the gun and squeeze the optimum of it.

Directly concerning portions: the point of view of the noteworthy writers

S. T. Aksakov — — the undeniable authority on the subject, in his «« Notes » committed a different Chapter to fractions. It claimed that in Russia usually implied a specific sort of game. The number 4 was called «« tiny duck », as well as # 3 is just « duck » —, as well as # 2 — in his words, was a « large duck ». In other components of the works he discussed the range from No. 3 to 5. That is, the entire array is in the range from No. 2-5.

But all the writers have always assembled in a solitary opinion — — using smaller fractions for the duck is justified (as it boosts the probability to squash the video game outright).

Right here it is necessary to focus on two points:

  1. Pre-revolutionary Russia used the utilized of the British, and she is a 1 room differs from the European one. Therefore, if we recalculate the numbers on our contemporary, obtain the scale numbers 3-6.
  2. However after pre-revolutionary Russia in fractional capturing a lot has actually changed. Appeared electric powder, which can spread a fraction much faster than normal. As a result, when choosing solid lead shot for duck we can utilize numbers 4-7.
From concept to practice: the open season and also a proper portion

It is essential not to forget that open season is divided right into 2 periods:

  • preliminary (with the opening of the period up until the 2nd half of September);
  • end (the end of September up until closing).

Because the range of numbers we are large sufficient, we can damage this season by as long as 3 periods:

  • initial (initial days of the open season);
  • average (all of September);
  • end (from October up until the season closes).

Why we have such a malfunction? Rather merely, we for every period utilize a number one above in the previous period. What we in the preliminary to highlight just the very first few days can be easily described. A young duck not anxious as well as has the ability to maintain the seeker at close range. As well as here we can safely apply the lightest sporting activities cartridges 7 areas.

Then respectively like the 6 number on the typical duration (September), and also 5 the number on completion (October to close).


After reviewing all the features of duck searching, we came to the following:

  1. Depending on the size of dimension duck we need to give preference to choice more minor much moreSmall Teal (young individuals) people 7, the for Mallard ducks — —
  2. 5. Do not get involved in plus size fractions. Because the battle rifle is limited by range, as well as numbers 3 and 5 pierce via the game, it is simple to imagine that shoot smaller sized buckshot we get a better possibility of hitting the target. We need to not forget concerning the range! We talked regarding the seasons. Early in the season it is feasible to use smaller sizes, since the duck allow the seeker virtually came, but by the end of the period it is needed to consider that the game rise to 40-50 metres from the seeker. In this situation, to damage the seven it will fail, particularly if it is a Mallard.
  3. , if you are an amateur hunter.. The opening of the period can conveniently take No. 7. Closer to the middle of the period and also completion usage number 5. Most significantly, keep in mind that every little thing includes experience.

Break a leg, people!

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