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Many famous professional hunters and Amateurs Turkish manufacturer Kral (manufacturer Tundra, Kinematix and some pneumatic models) has long been supplying to the Russian market high-quality and sophisticated models of hunting rifles that have proven themselves for use in hunting and for entertainment, and also for self-defense.

Excellent quality of shooting, robust design, positive reviews can be considered valid indicators of the quality of shooting, ergonomics all structural parts of a rifle.

And Kral Arms model Tactical L, representing a unique combination of the soundness of sizes and shapes of all structural parts, with excellent performance shooting (to include sighting shots, accuracy and range of a bullet that determines the performance of the made shots), has gained considerable popularity among buyers owing to its characteristics. It with the maximum convenience you can use men who have large size hands, women with fragility of the Constitution, and even teenagers – the amount of recoil when shot in the model is relatively small.

Overview of Kral Arms carbine Tactical L

Among the analogues presented at the market today, Kral Arms model Tactical L stands available for a variety of purposes: to engage targets in the hunt for entertainment, training accuracy and participation in sports and for self defense. Are quite reasonable and affordable for the most part buyers cost, Kral Arms model Tactical L is a constant interest, and the owners give about the quality of her work is only positive feedback.

With the help of this model can be hit as far away stationary or moving target. Comfortable design, every detail small and the weight of the carabiner allows it to be used for teaching beginners: a simple design, no unnecessary distracting parts and ease of use made the Kral Arms model Tactical L one of the most convenient for professionals and novices alike.

Thanks to its attractive appearance, the Kral Arms carbine Tactical L immediately attracts attention, good technical characteristics laid down in the time of manufacture, provide the best shooting results. Positive feedback, analysis of strengths and weaknesses will allow you to obtain the most complete picture of the opportunities of this model.

The presence of limiters of high-strength plastic, rubber recoil pad, providing a comfortable head position and the optimum length of the barrel makes the model a particularly comfortable even with prolonged use, and attractive design and excellent technical data, guarantees a continued interest in the Turkish manufacturer, and this model in particular.

Advantages and disadvantages

Combining the ability to use both for hunting and training marksmanship and self-defense carbine Kral Arms Tactical L has gained considerable popularity among buyers and fans of Turkish manufacturer. Listed below are the positive characteristics allow you to assess the most versatile model, its strengths. The advantages of Kral Arms Tactical L in comparison with analogues should include the following characteristics:

  • the attractiveness of the exterior design that provides interest to the model already under implementation choice;
  • fine quality modern materials used to create a carbine that provide greater resistance to external conditions, mechanical impacts and accompanying field conditions of hunting;
  • the reasonableness of the design, which explains the high level of convenience of this model;
  • the possibility of quick partial disassembly of the mechanism for the carabiner that is useful for cleaning or minor maintenance work;
  • the reasonableness of the basic configuration, that allows to start operation of the model immediately after purchasing it.

If the obvious advantages of Kral Arms Tactical L add affordability, a good performance of shooting, guaranteed the reliability of the entire design, and excellent firing rates, we can understand the reason for the popularity of Kral Arms model Tactical L. high-Strength plastic arms brand with lots of riffles and cut-outs which provide easy use of the carbine due to the high degree of adhesion, withstands large temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and it guarantees preservation of the attractiveness of the appearance of the rifle.

The disadvantages, according to most owners, this carbine has not.


Used Kral Arms model Tactical L is in the following situations:

  • to participate in professional and Amateur hunting;
  • for fun – shooting at targets;
  • for training accuracy;
  • to participate in competitions in sport shooting;
  • for self-defense.

These capabilities are provided by the thoughtful design of the rifle, its characteristics, which were originally given by the manufacturer.


Today for sale is a model Kral Arms Tactical L in the following varieties, which differ in their characteristics and possibilities for use:

  • Kral Arms Tactical L 12/76 PLC. L-470 1 D. B.;
  • Kral Arms Tactical L 12/76 PLC. L-470 1 / a n / nut extractor;
  • Kral Arms Tactical L 12/76 PLC. L-470 1 / a n / a nut ejector.

These modifications may have two slopes, get rid of the various options of solid wood, and also to vary the applied cartridges caliber: 12/76, 12/70.


With performance analysis you can get an idea about the possibilities of shooting of the carbine. Below are the most important parameters that give the maximum amount of information on the quality of the made shots.

Specifications Carbine Kral Arms Tactical L
Country of origin Turkey
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Inertial semi-automatic rifle caliber 12/76
Capacity cartridges 5
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 710 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Shotgun made of high quality durable plastic black (models with application in finish of walnut), model Kral Tactical Arms L easy to operate, has high wear resistance.


Lightweight aluminum barrel provided the necessary for comfortable operation easily, which positively influenced the design of the rifle. This allows even novice shooters to learn the basics of shooting two Kurkov delivers precision shots. The clever design of the sight and the whole construction provides improved firing rates.

The lever and cocking the trigger considerably reinforced, the butt is equipped with antabok for installation of the belt.

Picking and packing

Kral Arms model Tactical L Packed for protection from negative influences (temperature, humidity, and mechanical shock) into a soft film, the sale is placed in a cardboard box. The carbine is issued at the time of its acquisition an individual passport, a certificate of quality for this type of firearms.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the Kral Arms model Tactical L is simple enough that it allows even beginners to work with him. The double trigger adds convenience when shooting.

To execute the shot you want to send the cartridge to the store of the rifle, then clicking on the start aktiviziruyutsya the action of the spring in the form of a sharp push on the cartridge from the cartridge chamber, the cartridge goes into the barrel and you shot.


The process of dismantling Kral Arms Tactical L can be carried out for repair, when cleaning. The stem attaching the box to the butt is screw method (with a screw), which can easily be unscrewed. Fiber optic front sight removed from the barrel by unscrewing the screws.


This model Kral Arms Tactical L many owners is considered the most sophisticated this manufacturer, because the tuning (or improvement) is held for her is not often. However, there may be installed a different front sight, and handguard or a scope that increases the approximation purpose and provides the best performance shooting from this rifle.

Reviews and price Kral Arms Tactical 12-76 L. cal. given below.

The product price

The attractiveness of Kral Arms carbine Tactical L is its price. Depending on the modification can vary the final cost, it is about 17 130 – 18 050 rubles.

Owner reviews

Owners Kral Arms Tactical L first notes of the thoughtful design. The presence of two Kurkov gives an opportunity to improve the performance of each shot, and prevents misfires when shooting. It is also noted a relatively small impact, which is important in the operation of the gun women and adolescents.

Attractive rates can also be considered an important advantage of this model.

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