Linnet – small Finch called repolovo. The plumage above brown; forehead crimson red. The males on the chest stands out and the red forked spot. On the wings and tail of these birds, you notice a gray longitudinal stripes.

Often Konoplyanka settled at the village courtyards and garden plots, hiding its nest in clumps of bushes or among entangling the construction of stems of wild grapes or hops.

Nest of repolovo with Chicks

Nests of these birds is very similar to the nest of greenfinches and made of the same material, but size is usually smaller, about 9.5 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height. The tray is about 6×4.5 cm balls of the same color as greenfinches, but smaller, 17,7 x 13,4 mm.

Konoplyanka more than zelenushka, tends to the fields. It can be found on secricom cultivated fields and gardens. It feeds almost exclusively on weed seeds of burdock, sorrel, dandelion,

bittercress, thlaspi, etc. In contrast to greenfinches on the sunflower of repolovo I never caught, although sometimes they may feed on fields of hemp, to peck out the seeds from the pods of the cabbage, radish and turnip. Sometimes eat birds and small insects.

A small part of repolovo in favorable years remain for the winter in our area. Separate groups or together with the greenfinches they are kept in village backyards, feeding on the weeds.

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