Mokele-mbembe is one of the mysterious creatures like the dinosaurs who still stomp nooks of the globe. They live in Africa, in the Republic of Congo.

Due to the fact that this continent was the least prone to geological disasters, the preservation of the MOKELE-mbembe is most likely here than somewhere on another continent.

If you believe the stories of local residents, these amazing creatures prefer vegetarian food, but this does not become less dangerous. There were occasions when they attacked passing boats, overturned and killed them who were in them passengers.

According to the description they are more like elephants, because of its enormous size. They have a head small enough, and the neck long. The tail resembles a crocodile. Skin color is gray or brown. The old-timers claim that Mokele-mbembe appeared here more often than in our days.

Research the expedition started to go to these places in the 1880s. But controversial data obtained in the studies did not give the right to carry this type of foot and mouth disease to any specific group of animals. So talking about it is a lot different, as well as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

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