MURKA (MP-153)– the nationwide rifle Russia

Just 10 years earlier, on the shoulders occurring in the woodland seekers often hung «« tulki » Yes « igaci », with straight or vertical setup of trunks. More prominent as soon as self-loading МЦ21-12 fulfilled much less frequently. His time has actually passed– seekers are progressively Izhevsk gas operated semi-auto, which turned into one of the «« prominent » weapons and also known as MP-153.

Obviously, in the hands of a great deal of seekers «« Snipe », МЦ21-12, TOZ-87, conversion « Saeg» » and « Belch » and other-charging, consisting of Turkish durable goods as well as better top quality, however overmuch pricey European weapons released by us is as «« elite ».

Mr-153 — — an instead unclear weapons, having (customarily) as faithful supporters and also tough opponents.

«« Murka » is the confident leader of sales and prevalenceFrequency Let’s try to objectively check out this weapon, soon came to be a novelty on our (as well as not just) hunting market.

The history of the advancement of Mr-153 we intentionally avoid a hundred times already covered it. Focus on the practical information: the option of rifles as well as attributes of procedure.


Details from the manufacturer: MP-153 is the only residential sampling of semi-automatic rifles, which is created chambered in 12/89 and also functions dependably with the complete series of rounds of 12-gauge — — от12/ 70 to 12/89 in any kind of combination, without added changes as well as shifts. Available also the variation with 76 mm chamber

Structural representation of Mr-153 — removal of powder gases with automated control pulse motor automation. Hold shutter straight to the barrel gives strength and also longevity securing and unloading of the receiver at the moment of shot. The receiver is made from aluminum alloy. Details subjected to the powder gases (bore, chamber, piston, gas chamber, the external surface area of publication tube) — — chrome layered. Valve and piston rings are constructed from stainless steel.

The trigger device of hammer type is developed as apart node, outfitted with a system of defense: from a shot at not totally latched entrance and a non-automatic fuse, locking trigger.

Shop tubular underbarrel, with boosted cut-off rounds when submitting. Capacity can be boosted by extension.

MP-153 is generated in the adhering to modifications: Mr-153С — — solution alteration of the gun meant for personal safety companies. With compatible choke tubes for shooting lead and steel shot. Without view fallen leave with totally and also fly. With different choices supply and fore-end: walnut or beech, with rubber head-shock absorber; constructed from plastic, with rubber head-shock absorber; with a folding stock. Currently the manufacturing facility has been generating sporting activities version «« Practice ».

Shotgun is offered with barrels of different sizes from 610 to 750 mm, as well as 750-mm barrel length of the weapon not more than 1280 mm, weight– 3.5 kg, depending upon the supply product.


Mr-153– rather a versatile weapon yet not the shotgun, obviously. He would certainly have more of a collection of brief slug barrel as Molotov «« Snipe-Auto » — — all would certainly be excellent. With the «« paradox » of the Tula production and also various bullets Shashkova «« Murka » programs superb results. Heavy, 47-gram bullet, sent from Mr-153 140-mm «« paradox », at distances up to 100 m much more efficiently than rifle bullets.

Regarding hunting a bird and also everything is clear– machines are taken into consideration to be better to a shotgun. On top of that, the workers felt time scenario and has developed production MP-153 for functional capturing. Certainly, this weapon, with the suitable «« kit », as well as for law enforcement wrong — — trusted smooth-bore self-charging in the «« city » is better to an army of devices.
«« Murka » is small to transport, undemanding to care, though, as befits a weapon with a vapor circuit system, requires considerable amount of time for a full cleaning.

MP-153 is a trustworthy gun with an excellent resource: individuals involved in practical shooting, time «« Murok » often go beyond 20-30 thousand shots. I understand few people whined about any type of troubles with this gun out of package, as well as have a great deal of quest, without considering soaring matters, like completing the weapons. Think about it– not that they were lucky, not that the trouble is not of the very best top quality Mr-153 a couple of improbable?

Nevertheless, as well as in the Sun there are spots, so a collection of excellent needle data as well as a number of sheets, automobile skin, with the application in the type expanding from the right place hands can come in handy. Regardless, to decrease the probability to acquire a faulty weapon, you need to pay close attention to the examination of the guns in the shop. Keep in mind– do not be reluctant: ask the vendors to make done in stock guns, they are for the hassle obtain a weapon and a wage, as a better half, you ought to select carefully. That would not regret later years.

Most notably, the barrel. Remove it from the gun, clean completely dry (cleaning pole as well as towel better meticulously to bring searching stores this is normally tight). Naturally, the trunk must be smooth, without raznoshennoy, with a straight discovery of a band and also without the noticable «« waviness » of the external surface area. Note the placement with the barrel muzzle nasadka is among one of the most crucial factors in precise battle.

If the barrel is excellent– the remainder is not so terrifying. Rack it smoothly, listening to the sensations on your finger, press the trigger. Size of slope should not exceed 3-4 mm, otherwise on the search for quite a while until you obtain used to it, you will certainly be late with a shot.

Residence to stop the issue of the «« split butt»», just need to remove the butt and a narrow chisel to strengthen the groove in the front end, which, if curtailed part of the shank of the bolt. The separation of the shank has to do with 6 mm, so to reduce the essential groove to a deepness of 7-8 mm. Otherwise, the butt could just break the initial shot.

At the same time you can trim looming receiver (especially in the top part of the butt end of the butt) of the tree to fit the geometry of the gun deal with butt under himself, to lengthen or shorten the stock, by machining the front end of the butt or using the self-made shims to alter pitch and more. Excellent location is best to clean with linseed oil for artists.

And– onward to «« run ». You need a lot of shooting on the banks, ideally the Magnum rounds, let all the details of the automatic shotgun into the 3rd. Responsible the manufacturer much ineffective– because brand-new cars and trucks also run in. As a rule, after «« running-in » troubles when firing any ammo does not occur. Flexible gas vent yourself, it is much better not to do. Therefore, as a rule, everything works fine.

If wanted, the metal of the gun prior to the initial shooting, it is feasible to carry out all the unneeded and also required procedure to get rid of sharp edges and also burrs in the receiver and various other parts, smooth and Polish the screw, the structure, the information of the venting system, make a radial notch at the front of the tray for feeding ammo– when getting your store will not «« bite » the finger.

Do not fail to remember– all work is executed without fanaticism, on the concept: «« a hundred times matter and once your mind»», is much better to look for a diamond needle data, however only the old Soviet system, with really tiny panes. The skin– store rooms– from 400 to 1500, smaller is not called for– « clogged» » skin 1500 no even worse «« disagreements » surface area than the brand-new 2000. A really preferable use of sandpaper on a level paper copy or twisted around a needle documents or pasted on a wood block. And also– ALL moves with the skin being strictly in one instructions, no round or oblique movements. In the case of MP-153 it is not so vital, for it needs to be borne in mind.

Special focus requires the trigger of the weapon. If you have actually missed lessons in the Soviet college or do not have the habit to review the passport of a weapon, in USM alone is much better not to climb– you can spoil the mechanism, or to a problem in the form of unauthorized shots. Regarding a quarter of the MP-153 is found overly long trigger traveling. Many seekers do not know it. If the trigger of a gun you are not satisfied, then the surest solution to this trouble is replacement of the pusher whispered to the new item, yet with a prolonged shoulder. The smoothness of the descent is achieved by grinding as well as brightening of the tooth sear as well as cocking of trigger troublesome, but well worth the time spent as well as effort.

The main demands for the successful refinement of the device weapons– the ability and determination to ««» pay attention » to steel, to recognize the reasons for the troubles, to analyze, as well as to the appropriate location to make the hands. This tiny, thoughtful, yet intriguing and also can bring satisfaction from the done work. You will have a good chance to evaluate your work on the quest.


No need to make mountains out of mounds. Lots of seekers just do not see in some cases having a place to be significant problems in the Assembly and completing of the gun. They just quest, utilizing MP-153 as a tool, mercilessly for the purpose of manipulating it. If required occupy a documents or screwdriver.

Any gun is just an item of iron, just essentially meticulously crafted. If you do not such as the idea of a possible skip with a gun, you’re reading this article for you Europeans punched the «« proper » self-charging on the CNC devices. Although, certainly, evil in some cases takes our gunsmiths– rise costs, but pay even more attention to Assembly as well as ending up! You’re not an AK ««» at war » are doing, and also HUNTING weapons…

… The distinction in cost between the MP-153 as well as foreign counterparts, amounts to numerous times, as well as, as it commonly happens– completion outcome of the rate and also the manufacturer does not depend. Relatively inexpensive «« points international» » because of the Black sea generally wins our «« felines » just in the advertising sales brochures. And «« actual Europeans » in some cases they have such cases, that the impression that Russia has actually long been «« drained pipes » not just expired medications and subpar products, however any type of industrial marital relationship.

The commercials do not show the ROE split butts, raw faces in technicians, torn of the receiver and the bursting of evictions. Do not forget that very much of what we provided under sauce of «« elite », is the only Western consumer goods. In 25 years of «« rebuilding » a lot of believing compatriots is incapable to recognize, making adequate conclusions.

, if you are fortunate or you were able to select even more or less top quality assembled Mr-153– it will serve you for years to come.. Small issues are relatively very easy to take care of. «« Murka » is a truly omnivorous and also trusted gun with a big margin of safety. Shooting a sort of «« UAZ ». Mr-153 under such conditions, when the popular «« immigrants » are denied in the problems of tundra and taiga tried and tested time and time again. The capacity to utilize various muzzle of the tightenings makes the weapon fairly universal.

The fight rifle is greater than acceptable. Equilibrium can align with a lead insert in the butt. The personification of «« plastic » makes the MP-153 in a great device for searching waterfowl and in General– to run in adverse conditions.

A fairly practical price screens «« Murka » in a niche monetary weapons readily available for almost every seeker in our country who wants to quest with Samothraki.

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