Other ammunition is better not to use

The picture of Vasily Perov «« Hunters at»remainder », the storyteller, gesturing animatedly, telling searching stories, clearly in this situation by deceiving. Nonetheless, the young seeker takes everything seriously, and a third friend, an older, incredulously damages his head …

The plot, as from the here and now. Each hunter with the experience definitely was an unusual instance involving a hunt, or inquisitiveness, of absurdity, otherwise something far-fetched. 10 years ago, throughout the springtime hunting concerns my neighbor as well as says he remained in the morning on the search, obtained a couple of drakes, and that the land showed up geese, let’s say , in event Congress. The day before I existed, tabunok geese truly cool down, yeah « gunners » they quickly sent away.

Not a problem, claims the next-door neighbor, I just recently purchased the containers from « nulevkoy » within, useful point, is inserted right into the sleeve straight right into wads as well as powder in the ended up shell and spin.

Give you half a dozen cartridges, and all points, I have 2 dozen shells. The word went. I repaired your outdoor tents on the edge of the ditch, grew the decoy, and also on the sidelines in clean water seated stuffed dives « Sportplast-Magnum », a sort of okovalka with «goose worth.

Already the sun to the horizon was approaching, when the homicide tabunok of belolaptikov. No fires, geese walking on a circle and gradually lower. Quickly transform « 4 » in the trunks ammunition of a next-door neighbor. Goseki flew better, and also I maintained blowing homemade decoy from a gas canister, he made sounds precisely bjelolasica. Tabunok transforms towards me and dives right for my decoys.

Flies really near to, thirty meters, but, uncovering the method, reluctant and also intensely flap their wings. Focus on the middle, shoot, goose stone falls to the ground; the trunks being relocated to an additional shot, heard an unquestionable slap of the fraction on the plumes, the goose snagged, spinning props, dropping 2 damaged pen, and the goose and also the entire pack thrill up as well as fly away …

But I’ve got one! Elevate the fallen on the edge of a goose and a surprise discover — half the pectoral muscle mass torn with plumes missing out on. Generate was not like this, so I — do not comprehend what occurred.

The next-door neighbor remained in an additional hut and saw whatever. Much more we did not shoot, and also already home for the evening instead twelve o’clock at night tea with brandy, a secret cleared up.

It turned out the neighbor, gearing up cartridges, guidebook not review, and also it was necessary before to be placed in the housings of the containers with the « nulevkoy », cut the jumper in between their flowers, which he did not. Because of this, the «flowers did not release, the projectile was a bullet with the container, and as a result was torn upper body one goose and also sounded abnormally loud add the plumes of another, apparently, the feathers of the wing.

To this we involved the conclusion. Every little thing takes place on the quest. As well as other people’s ammo, also curb you recognize a hunter, it is better not to utilize it.

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