Quest grouse with the approach

This sort of hunting is simply to flush out game and the subsequent shooting in the place where the bird landed after a flight.

Grouse does not like lengthy flights and after flush out remains on a low branch of the nearest tree. If you scare the bird once more, she flew, remains on a higher branch.

Seeing the location where villages after eliminate complaint, a seeker with a preventative measure suitable to the distance of the shot and produces it.

For a seamless technique to the video game, the hunter has to wear garments that disguises it well throughout the approach to the bird.

This kind of searching consists in the basic scare of video game and the subsequent capturing in a location where the bird has actually sat down after flight. Ryabchik does not like lengthy trips, as well as after the scuffle rests on the reduced branch of the nearest tree. If you frighten the bird again, then it flies, rests on a higher branch.

After seeing the location where the hazel complaint rested after the scare, the hunter approaches with caution the shot range as well as generates it. For an unnoticeable method to game, the seeker must have clothes that mask him well throughout the approach to the bird.

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