Re-registration of tools in Regardie: how much and also where to run

Almost 5 years earlier in «« the HORN » was released my article « the science city is peaceful,» » devoted to the re-registration of hunting weapons. What has changed in the intervening duration, today Regardie has a so-called solution in the facility of Russian cosmonautics — — the city of Korolev. Overall, I was not amazed in the adjustments that provided us the leadership of the brand-new Department. ut the follow-up contact us to the licensing Department did rule out it superfluous.

For reference, every little thing is clear, yet obligatory enrollment on the portal «« public Services » is somewhat stressed. The response: « I Have no Internet » sent out to the MFC to obtain an one-time password … Naively I did. Call, social protection number, e-mail, phone number, and after 10-15 minutes it ends up that I’m on «…

Services » for several years. Here was my initial mistake, rejected to upgrade the old password. The password in the bowels of the computer system there was no worry, and also « public Services » I was out, but the password is constantly rejected to identify. As it ended up later that you can go to the internet site only require for specifically among the 3(snils — e-mail — phone)is proposed to recognize the items.

Incorporating with the old password frequently got notice that it need to change. If I need to, do. Hop on the phone required SMS; acting upon muddled directions, regularly get notification concerning the lack of personal privacy of the gain access to secret. Ultimately, like okay, but ran out five mins set aside to this adjustment —, and I must state everything first. Finally something took place, yet to enter into my account in some way simply never left. Having actually examined the propositions in the weapon Department was restricted to the consultation promptly. Appeared price: 280 RUB my computer Saga mores than.

And also on the selected day as well as hour certificates, and all copies thereof , files as well as guns headed to LRO. A little concerning what preceded it. Found in the search engine collaborates the city’s chemical abuse and also psychological medical facility. Right away popped up the following proposal to save money and time — to provide assistance to your home. Imitate an honest person.

A psychiatrist as well as leading khodka, Cup for pee-pee only « individuals with a weapon . » Fill two papers, an agreement for the provision of solutions and something. A couple of minutes of nervous waiting, authorize 4 documents and also help is at hand. Psychological healthcare facility — the facility of a special, if not for the white robes, then to comprehend, where the doctor and that is the patient, tough.

And on the internet site information about the questions touches, the approximate significance of words: « Our mental hospital is the very best, for a practical cost you will receive a certification on the very same day ». Hour waiting to speak with drivers and hunters in line, as well as need help readily available. Below we ought to digress a warning for visitors to such areas. In the line up was the motorist, whose personal center « separated » to EEG for 800 RUB, claiming that without this evaluation the psychoanalyst will certainly decline. And the last medical « touch », the final recommendation 002 o/u in the medical system № 6 MCC Royal room Corporation.

Here I would love to mention, this is the last specialist. Inspecting hands, feet, and whatever that can stop to hold a weapon, the medical professional checked blood pressure, listened to chest, and also to the inquiry why such attention to my person, stated, « the Duty of every «medical professional to give the client guidance on the upkeep of health, to recommend the essential medicines.»

That was an enjoyable surprise. So, I’m on the edge of LRO at the appointed time. Nobody, I am one, and started … All help are driven in the computer, it is not so promptly acquired. Examination of rifles. Any statements that smooth-bore weapons set up in lengthy cases. I have a registration renewal for two guns as well as a permit to purchase. No questions why a third barrel, just sound good amount for the certificate. I entered the complying with hands that must take care of in your account on the « public Services ».

And everyone right here is repeated what I wrote above. Because of this, the remedy is discovered, developed again a new password, apparently this is a basic situation. When LRO I was under the perception that workers are « on the ground » staff members of Regardie very understanding to the gun proprietors that experience advancements « gods ».

Much less than a month, as well as standing by, what regarding my business steadly replied, « prepared », casually pointing out that the info is in your account on the « public Services «». The only favorable aspect of e — services-30 %discount, which in my situation totaled up to a great bonus offer — 900 RUB.

In General, except for the economic part and digital tricks(due to weak computer proficiency), no distinction after 5 years is not observed. The final computation was: Psychiatrist — 2400 Mental healthcare facility — 800 Health center — 800 Expansion «2 systems — 700 License to acquire — 1400 Complete: 6100 roubles

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