Schoor is one of the largest birds found in Russia: length 22 cm, weight 51 g. the size of his superior, only found n the far East of the big black-headed Grosbeak (body mass about 80 g).Grosbeaks nest in Northern taiga.

Residents of the Central areas of Russia can meet these birds and only in some years, the autumn and winter, when they migrate from breeding grounds in more southern regions. We have grosbeaks appear only at the end of October. You can recognize them by large size, thick short beak and plumage.

The males have the head and thorax are red and the females and juveniles are brownish-yellow.

In places of nesting grosbeaks feed on flower buds of spruce, the buds of birch and willow, seeds overwintered berries, cranberries, Shiksha etc. Like the bullfinches, they eat the seeds from the fruit of the Rowan and small-fruited apples. The flesh falls to the ground under the trees, where they feed these birds. The traces Shchurov easy to confuse with signs of bullfinches fed.

Despite the large size of the Schura, the prints of its paws smaller than those of the crossbill-elovik. Print size 4×1.4 cm, On the ground birds to move a short phlegmatic jumps. Traces Shchurov can be seen only occasionally, as when snow birds rarely fall from trees.

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