Searching for wild boar Battue hunting, or confine

The most economical for seekers of our nation, as well as a result the massive hunt.

The gist of it is that the path of the beaters ought to drive animals to awaiting them shooters.

If small spaces lie in strong places with a poor review, head searching alerts of beaters, so they rustled less.

After that the boars will go slower, and also the shooters will certainly have extra chances to make an accurate shot.

Before the hunt, all the individuals ought to be instructed.

Strict application of guidelines, directions and safety actions for all required.

The most obtainable for hunters of our country, and consequently the most mass hunting. The essence of it is that the chain of beaters have to drive the animals out to the shooters awaiting them.


The head of the hunt advises the beaters that they make less noise if the rifle numbers are located in solid areas with poor presence. After that the boars will go slower, and the shooters will certainly have much more chance to create a precise shot.

Before the quest, all individuals must be advised. Rigorous application of rules, directions and also safety steps are obligatory for all.

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