Selecting an Elk Hunting Backpack

My style of elk hunting requires a pack that is light and portable enough for a day hunt, yet that can likewise expand to lug my camp numerous miles into the backcountry to escape the groups.

Furthermore, once I harvest an elk, the pack needs to be resilient adequate to pack meat out with all of my gear. Each of the brand names I discussed above have tried to service this specific niche market– which I know is a growing group amongst us elk seekers– and essentially, many have actually done a commendable job of placing some terrific packs out on the market. Eventually, as I started considering the packs, my requirements for fit, function, layout, as well as weight started removing the packs one at a time. The last pack remaining after all the screening was the brand-new EXO Mountain Gear 3500.

As I get involved in the full speed of summer season searching and start to wrap up my equipment for the upcoming pursues, I wanted to share several of the study I did, as well as some of the most essential variables I considered in selecting a backpack for searching elk this fall.

For the past a number of years, I’ve been making use of the original EXO Mountain Gear 5500 pack. Prior to that, I made use of a Kuiu Icon Pro 5200, as well as prior to that, a couple of various Eberlestock packs (Blue Widow and also J104). At the ATA program earlier this year, I took a look at numerous different packs from all the significant manufacturers including Eberlestock, Badlands, Kuiu, Mystery Ranch, Kifaru, Sitka Gear, and EXO Mountain Gear.

Frame Design, Layout, as well as Fit

The new EXO ‘K2’ frame design is far more inflexible than the original variation, and yet still allows me to quickly attract my bow, relocation side to side as well as a lot more functional throughout the woods without limitations. Actually, sometimes I fail to remember the pack is on since it is so light-weight and peaceful! The first-generation EXO pack framework– and also lots of others that I have actually made use of over the years– all appeared to make small noises and/or squeaks while treking as well as loading hefty loads. My experience up until now with the new K2 frame is that it is murmur quiet.

One of my favorite aspects of EXO packs is the simpleness of the pack. The format of the 3500 is very easy. It has one main compartment (3500 ci) that can be leading or side packed, in addition to two large outside side pockets(

1000 ci) that are excellent for tent poles, a spotting extent or a tripod. The lid is generique cialis 440 ci, and also the meat shelf is 2500 ci. In the latest version, the back pad got an overhaul and is now a lot bigger and also softer, making the heavy lots far more comfy. The EXO 3500 is additionally among one of the most user-friendly packs I’ve located when it involves converting the pack into a meat hauler. In less than 30 seconds, I can get rid of the major bag as well as set the pack up to haul elk quarters that strap safely to the framework. In general, the framework layout, format, and fit of this pack is ideal for my style of searching.

Dimension, Weight, Durability and Finish

EXO packs variety in dimension from 2000 ci to 5500 ci. I chose the 3500 because it will quickly bring 3 days’ well worth of my gear, food, and also water into the backcountry. For those routinely wanting to do greater than 5 days, the 5500 could be a better alternative without much of a weight penalty. Both bag dimensions small to nearly nothing, and both utilize the same structure, so the weight lugging ability is precisely the exact same.

I have directly tested the initial pack to its limitations– along with my own– by executing 2 back quarters, one front quarter (all with bone in– not smart, incidentally), 2 back bands, as well as the head from a raghorn bull a number of miles. When I left the meat to the storage locker, my load considered in at over 150 extra pounds, as well as I had some additional searching equipment in addition to that!

With the brand-new ‘K2’ structure and also the a number of modifications and also renovations EXO has actually made to the initial style, I am certain that this pack will certainly lug hefty loads even much better. I loaded 50 pounds into the pack for screening, as well as it been very comfortable thus far. The bands, fastenings, water resistant fabric, and so on, are all dependable and also really resilient, which offers me self-confidence while searching in the backcountry.

Accessories and Value

One of the devices EXO introduced in 2017 is a roll-top completely dry bag insert that breaks right into your primary bag to keep whatever inside the pack completely dry. The material of the EXO loads is already very water-repellent in my experience, yet this dry bag will certainly ensure that none of your apparel or gear gets bloody or wet when hauling meat. I additionally enjoy the Stash Pocket that Velcro’s right into the cover, and the hip-belt bags are some of the only ones that I can unzip with one hand, that makes it convenient to open up the bags while holding my tripod, bow, or anything else in my various other hand.

The last thing I’ll point out is the value that a person gets with possessing an EXO pack. The options are simple and easy to set up. The proprietors and developers of EXO Mountain Gear– Steve Speck and Lenny Nelson– are backcountry seekers at heart, and it receives the design, attributes, as well as high quality of their packs. With EXO’s price factor, high quality of products, residential manufacturing, and functionality, they need to absolutely be a consideration for any person looking for a flexible, light-weight, and durable searching backpack.

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