Siberian Jay, birds

Siberian Jay is the least famous of the corvids and typical forest. In appearance and habits resembles little Jay. She has the same loose tail, painted in brownish-gray tone. Dark brown feathers on the head are often raised, which the bird-headed it seems

The only thing than can get hooked on view, this is red tail spread in flight like a fan, and red near the bend of the wings. Kuksha one of the smallest of our corvids: the body length is about 28 cm, weight of 87.6-of 81.1 g.The Siberian Jay lives in a deaf taiga forests. Kept very secretive and rarely catches the eye, even where numerous. More noticeable these birds near human habitation, located in the woods. Here Kukshi begin to regularly fly in, rummage in piles of garbage, looking for edible garbage.

Food Kukshi spring and summer consists mostly of insects, primarily beetles, including many forest pests – beetles, jewel beetles, bark beetles. Sometimes ravages nests of small birds, eating eggs and Chicks.

The Lapland nature reserve during the ringing of birds she killed and ate trapped oatmeal-Remez. Quite often rasklepyvajut white quail caught in a snare. It sometimes attacks small rodents and shrews. From plant feeds readily eats a variety of berries.

Lower surface of paws and litter Kukshi

Based on the observations, the Siberian Jay arranges in hollows reserves cranberries for the winter. On the Lena river I saw at the end of October the bird was plucked rose hips, but did not eat them, and somewhere have carried. Kuksha almost the only bird that eats pileate fungi.

Winter in a long time Kukshi roost on the same tree under which accumulates a lot of their droppings. During the breeding period form standing pairs. Nesting begins very early, when the forest is still full of snow.

On mossy tree build dense nest of thin branches. Tray lined with feathers of white partridges. In early April the female lays 3-4 eggs. They are dirty white, covered with very thick gray-purple streaks, and with the size not larger grozdanic, about 30×22 mm.

Paw prints Kukshi look like miniature traces jays. The imprint size of 4.7×1 cm in the same way as Jay, when Jay jumps to the side keeps your fingers close to the average.

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