Siskin common

Chizh ordinary – a little less tap dancing: body length 12 cm, weight 13 g. In the warehouse is similar to tap dancing, but only the color it is yellowish-green, and on his head is red-black “cap”.In the middle lane Siskins hold all year round. It breeds on high trees.

In the autumn they gather in large flocks and are similar to cachetime lifestyle, wandering through forest ravines and floodplains.

Flocks of these birds often summer residents like alder and birch seeds which Siskins eat. In the second half of winter, sometimes appear in the city parks, where they feed on seeds of thuja and weeds. Small traces of the feet of the Siskin can be found, but rarely. Print size of 2.4×1 cm

The Siskin is a relatively common, small finch of conifer woodlands and some mixed woods. In the winter, they gather in groups with Redpolls and feed on seeds in birch and alder woodland, as well as at birdtables. Many of our breeding Siskins are residents, but are joined by birds from Europe in winter.

The female Siskin builds her neat nest high-up in a conifer tree, using twigs, lichen and feathers. She incubates the eggs alone (usually two to six in a clutch) but both parents feed the chicks.

How to identify

The Siskin is a small, streaky-green finch with yellow bars on black wings. The male has a bright yellow chest and face, with a black chin and black cap. The female is grey-green and lacks the black cap.

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