Steel for searching knives

Hunting blade — — a reputable « pal » any kind of seeker that assists him with the butchering, gutting, skinning as well as many various other points. Normally, the blade is made of high carbon steel for a searching blade.

Prices for knives in Ukraine, in addition to in various other countries, starting from a couple of hundred dollars for a hunting knife of appropriate top quality. The steel hardness is measured in HRC(systems hardness Raquela). The higher the number, the higher the focus of carbon in the steel for a searching blade, the greater the firmness of the blade of the blade, the longer it will certainly retain its reducing surface. Ideally, if we speak about the hardness of steel, the oscillation devices according to HRC in the restriction of 55-60. There might be one more marking, showing the amount of carbon in the steel of the blade 420

is less than 0.5 %, 440 — 0,75%, and so on one of the most typical labeling of this kind is marked 440C or — 1.2%of carbon in the steel, which equates to the noting 58 — 63 HRC. If you like searching knife has actually kept its side, had anti-corrosion properties and is easily

honed, the steel alloy have to contain chromium and molybdenum. An excellent choice, obtained by high-temperature creating a powder blend of metals, is a « technological Bulat » CMP 440V, which bypasses the conventional 440C a number of times and flawlessly retains the initial honing

. This long blade is sharp sufficient, however to re-sharpen his improvisated items will certainly not function, he needs a special» house care. American layout — steel 154 centimeters or the Japanese comparable — ATS — 34 — deserving competitors that are completely adaptable and also preserve its stamina also at a firmness of 60 HRC, however are expensive.

This steel differ — from 440C just weaker anti-corrosion residential or commercial properties. Worthwhile — of — focus as well as popular Damascus steel, which is the outcome of in-hammered strips of tying steel rods, which have different concentrations of carbon. Strips continuously twisted, re-pierce once more as well as realize this procedure only

then forging of the resulting piece of steel blade hunting blade. The strength of the blade raises with the variety of strips of poles. Damascus steel is very gorgeous, yet not immune to deterioration. There are many counterfeit knives made from Damascus steel, which is quickly identified by the absence of a characteristic pattern of the blade. Additionally, these exquisite hunting blades from Damascus fairly costly and also not everyone can manage, specifically

those knives which are made from stainless Damascus.

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