Suggested compulsory video recording of making use of tools

The state Duma remains to please the weapon owners. The perception is that citizens with guns, specifically with stressful, one of the main today’s troubles. What campaigns do not offer — — one of your last.

«« According to Oleg Nilov, a great deal of criminal activities recently is made with using terrible tools, the main function of which is self — — defense as well as protection from physical violence. At the same time, do secure citizens is tough to show in court that the use of weapons was warranted. The proposed bills are developed to shield and unarmed people, the extremely weapon proprietors»».

I would love to see the data prior to talking about « a lot », and, most significantly, to share that General data on the illegal and also legal use of a tool; to recognize the amount of lives are saved non-lethal weapons, and also the amount of times it was the factor of refusal of a criminal activity? While there are no statistics to discuss the threats or benefits of stressful tools pointless. And it is really interesting just how the suggested modification will secure « unarmed civilians »?

« The initial development is the name of the «man with the gun, states the author «of the idea. — The COP’s badge number, bright, fantastic, big. — And the proprietor of the tool — a stressful or fight — have to be an indication — ». Something that advises you, dear viewers, was one « autonomous » nation, which additionally marked specific citizens, so it was simple to identify from the rest. By the way, it ended extremely badly …

And if as a matter of fact — what are symbols? Want to highlight armed residents, just ban hidden carry, and every person will bring a gun in an open holster on top of the clothes, but experience has actually revealed the futility of such a procedure. In enhancement, at whose expenditure is all this? Oh yeah, a lot more on that listed below. « The following development — compulsory video recording of the use of weapons.

According to nil, technologies permit to embed in a badge police video recorder the size of a suit head, as well as at the time of extraction of the pistol from the holster «it can immediately activate.

Thus it is needed to stipulate that it was not possible to erase the video clip nor the proprietor of the tool or the assaulter who wants to do it. » Very trendy, you have to purchase camouflaged electronic camera is a felony, as well as to call for such wear is typical. Right here the inquiry — is put on the tool every day for years but seldom utilized as well as not all; as if no video cam is damaged, or the batteries sat down — when recordable the proprietor of the weapon to blame?

And also the economic or technological side? Camera of a suit head, and the battery, as well as 9 months of — winter and cold? Will you require a « male with a weapon » from irons to put on? Well, the cherry on the cake: « But to obtain such a badge will certainly require to re-register. And this, according to the Deputy, is additionally a vital point , because today is « reproduced » a big variety of weapons, and not all of it is appropriately registered. » That’s an actual sign of immersion in the subject, you intend to catch non listed firearms re-registration was?

Once again we are faced with trying to make life difficult for owners of legal tools, as well as covered all of it against illegal weapons. If also the «legislature has no clear understanding of the differences in between these phenomena that can be anticipated from the changes to the legislation?

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