The features of gunpowder Sokol, rate and also attributes of usage

Modern hunting cartridges of 12, 16 and also 20 gauge are packed with the 4 primary types of electric powder. In addition to quality «« Sunroom », one of the most typical alternative «is « Falcon ». General qualities Part of the ««» Falcon » is a colloidal system based upon nitrocellulose.

Obtained by handling nitroglyceri unpredictable nitroglycerin. The grains have the form of plates with measure to 1.7 mm, as well as a thickness of not more than 0.13 mm. For the ballistic security of the plates treated with graphite. Grain generated by a special drum modern technology in two means: very first grade; top grade. During combustion, in the chamber created with the pressure from 630кгс/ sq. cm to 650 depending upon caliber.

The burning rate is 2.2 m/s bulk thickness at equipment 0, 510 kg/l High muzzle pressure develops a high quantity of shot and fairly substantial effect. Test results Manufacturer gives very little advice on tools cartridges « Falcon ». Since the development of innovation was a lot of time, there are a lot of brand-new varieties of hunting weapons.

To determine the features of the equipment of each particular choice, you need to test the rate of shot and also bullets for different charge weight. Empirically was established the average flight rate of the fraction for various ratios of the mass of fee: Charge weight 1,6 gr. a portion of 24 Gy. — from 348 m/s to 356 m/s.

The weight of the charge of 2.3 gr. a fraction of 32 Gy. — 384 m/s to 389 m/s. When examining the cartridges furnished by bullets, the mass of fee continued to be unchanged — 2,2 gr. The examination speed ranged from 362 m/s to 513 m/s. the most effective result « Falcon — » received the cartridge, loaded with a bullet Mayer. The minimal rate had a cartridge with a bullet brennecke —. Features hitch The proportion of mass portion to the mass of the charge each hunter must be established empirically. When the fee obtains high rate with marginal recoil and sound of the shot, the best would be an option.

But all the same, you can depend on the efficiency of the following factors: C — mass portion ratio of specific weapons; R is the mass of the powder fee for maximum affiliation; K — value, which identifies the billing mindset. Between them they form such a partnership: x K =R. To identify the exact value of C, the weight of the weapon 12 gauge need to be separated right into 94, for 16 — 100, weight 20 scale 106, specifically. The typical worth of the index K is 10/165.

Therefore, having two coefficients is very easy to establish the third desired cost. The typical value is around equivalent to 16.5. A boost in this coefficient boosts the precision of fire, however substantially lowered the intensity of the shot. When lowering the example every little thing is specifically the opposite. The affiliation is much better made with weights. The unique action for « Falcon » does not always give an accurate result. At the end of the production undertakes special testing.

According to their results, established by the billing factors for «12,16 as well as 20 assesses. They normally indicated on the package. If data is missing, or there is just for 12 scale, you can use the following signs: 12 gauge. The portion with a mass of 34 g —= 1; 16 scale. A fraction considering 28 g. — K =0,815; 20 quality. The portion with a mass of 23 g. — K= 0,675.

Therefore, based on the formula ratios have the complying with worths sample: Weight of gunpowder for refilling weapons with a weight of 3,2-3,5 kg, chambered for 12 scale: 1.8-2.2 g; Weight of gunpowder for reloading tools with a weight of 2.9-3.2 kg, chambered for 16 gauge: 1,6-1,8 g;Weight of gunpowder for reloading weapons considering 2.4-2.9 kg, chambered for 20 gauge: 1,3-1,5 g All the relationships are figured out empirically in the area, according to the characteristics of a certain weapon.

Packaging and storage space The factory product packaging Sokol is a steel container created for 200 or 250 gr. gunpowder. They are outfitted with a special « zinc », which in turn are Packed in wood boxes weighing50 kg. the Material is chemically stable, so appropriate storage space jars preserves the quality of gunpowder greater than 6 years. Zinc will certainly supply approximately 25 years of reliable security.

Advantages and also negative aspects Today, Sokol is the most budget-friendly of gunpowder. In this link it is most common among suppliers of searching cartridges of 12, 16 as well as 20 qualities. According to its features, has a variety of advantages and downsides. The advantages consist of: rapid speed of burning; high stress powder gases; ballistic security; chemical inertness; does not require high accuracy example — it is 0.05 g. with a tendency to decrease, as well as it permits you to apply a wide variety of dimensions as well as scales; fairly low cost and also gives low cost curb of the cartridge. It ought to be kept in mind some shortcomings in the material: Loud audio when shooting.

Solid muzzle flash. Significant recoil, faster tiring the seeker.

Extremely recognizable making use of 16 and 20 gauge is not as vital with 12. The failure to utilize in gas ran semi-automatic tool — with a taken care of barrel: there is substantial sparking the launch of unburned particles of gunpowder from the home window of the receiver. Regardless, the advantages of the « Falcon » exceed thedisadvantages. This is partly due to the large range of contemporary searching weapons in the layout that might give additional funds to reduce recoil or noise.

The small cost likewise plays an essential role. Quick pointers With the goal of profiting from the advantages of « Falcon » in practice, you have to follow the adhering to standards: In enhancement to brass shell housings, unlike other kinds of smokeless gunpowder « Sokol » no additional inconvenience loaded in paper cartridges. It does not need «the precision of the example, which minimizes the danger of divergence of the liner joints in its excess. For quality tools cartridge with pellets it is needed to enhance rolling. Usage revelo-powerful capsule guarantee completeburning of gunpowder.

In this capsule the high cost, yet it possesses an ideal capacity. Storage « Falcon » is undesirable in areas with severe temperature modifications: the possibility of exudation of nitroglycerin from the group. This home of gunpowder made it impossible to use for bench capturing. It is not suggested to utilize the « Falcon » on it in untested tools, in addition to in old and damaged designs.

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