The field Sparrow

Tree Sparrow is slightly smaller brownie: length about 15,4 cm, body weight to 22.5 g. it has chestnut cap, black spot on bright cheeks and a whitish collar.

On throat and craw are black spot smaller than a house Sparrow. Males and females are colored alike.

Traces of field Sparrow

In rural areas, where the birds feel most at ease, they usually predominate over brownies. There they nest in any more or less suitable places: under the roofs and window frames of wooden buildings, in crevices of buildings, holes swallows-beregovushki, between the boughs nests of large raptors and storks, nesting boxes, nest boxes and natural cavities of trees. In the towns of these sparrows prefer to nest in hollows, so are usually found in old parks, where the old hollow trees.

The nest of the field Sparrow-like nest of a house and made about the same materials – twigs of trees and dry grass stalks. The tray is lined with feathers and hair. The diameter of the socket is about 12.5, height of about 6 cm, tray size 5×3 cm In the breeding season birds feed themselves small invertebrates, gathering them from the branches of trees.

They also feed nestlings. In the autumn numerous flocks out to the fields and peck of ears of corn bring a sometimes appreciable harm. Harm and sunflower. Long known as the city is more desirable, field Sparrow, and for rural areas the house.

Paw prints field Sparrow differ from the traces of a house only slightly smaller. Paw print of this bird is 3×1.3 cm

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