The legal background of Samson knife and also its features

In the history of Russian weapons and also searching permanently etched the name of the master Egor Samsonov. The armourer of completion of XIX — — start of XX century was famous for generating searching blades of top quality.

Since then, the expression «« blade Samson » has come to be legendary. Samsonov knives — — items workshop Yegor Petrovich Samsonov, who became the vendor of the Imperial culture of searching. Weapon workshop in Tula created about a loads type of knives, or as they are called daggers for searching.

Feature products Samsonov is simplicity, austerity, austerity and also huge stamina, where the knives obtained prestige typical weapon skills. Many specimens belonged to the representatives of the Russian the aristocracy, a superior military and also the Emperor Nicholas II.

Blades for hunting: history

The progenitor of the searching knife genuine sword, which experienced its prime time throughout the lack of guns. With it, actually hunted wild animals, using the aid of dogs or traps. It called for really major bordered weapons. On top of that, made use of spears for hunting. And also generally paired with a spear or sword was utilized a tiny blade he helped to cut manufacturing, to get rid of the skin, get rid of the capillaries.

With time and searching, and also tools have actually altered. For one, the XVII prevailed in Europe weapons. Second, the search becomes enjoyable, a great deal of nobles, commoners, it was restricted. An important seeker had to be in the ideal custom of amazing searching photo to eliminate the monster with a stunning shot.

So melee tools is establishing in the direction of its variety as well as pretentiousness. The knife or blade was used for protection from a wounded and also angered pet that offered this tool to become quite ornamental. Generally, this dagger is supplied with each searching event, wore it on his belt.

Thus, by the NINETEENTH century developed the main features of a searching knife. It was: polutoratonny or double-edged lengthy blade with resilient handle, go across chopped, with steel scabbard.

Decorative components were present, nonetheless, it was a tool to begin with, to beat the strongest of the beast — — till the wild boar and bear. As a result, in Russia these blades got the name bear.

The look of Samsonov blades

Russia, as the growth and facility of close calls with the West, adopting and also weapons customs. Although a fantastic impact in our country was felt from the Caucasus: many thanks to the people that served there in the military, in searching practice consisted of Caucasian blades. Nonetheless, for the exact same factor as in the West, the dagger progressively replace the blade: in the presence of guns knife were not a lot in order to kill the monster, how much to cut. The ««» blade » impact likewise lingered, for example, the blade stayed rather lengthy.

Knives began to be produced by sector in Russia, was well-known for Tula and Zlatoust products, there are several brands in this area. Now Russia was stone’s throw behind, and outmatched the West in this craft, as the wild beast we have survived the moment far more than abroad. This period is the flowering of the workshop of the gunsmith Egor Samsonov. Created the distinguishing characteristics of its products.

Samsonov knife — — polutoratonny blade with handle black wood or ebony, with the crossbar. On the manage not just the typical notch. It is this pattern the master has made a trademark of his arms. The specifications of the item varied, but, typically, had a size of blade 25 cm, width 5 cm as well as density in the variety of 1 centimeters.

Widespread, specifically among the Russian nobility, Samsonov blades received many thanks to the publication of Mikhail Andrievsky, seeker as well as master of the quest, the Prince’s court. Magazine regarding nature and also the search printed his post regarding the knife made in his job Samsonov. The basis was taken an American Sheffield blade «« Bowie ». The dimension and also equilibrium of the blade was calculated to ensure that it is very easy with it, as cutting, slicing, and also stabbing, as well as to skin the carcass.

Producer Samsonov knives

Company of ««» Rogers » in the us used an unique Sheffield steel — — it is called actors crucible. According to its attributes it is not inferior to today’s blades for reducing meat. And Samsonov, according to contemporaries, made his knives from British four-wheel springs, which utilized a comparable steel.

There was a special innovation, which I precisely never repainted, so we can just speculate about his keys. It is known that the blades were preserved at a temperature level of 900 levels for around five hours, and the temperature of the gunsmith identified by himself, without any instruments. Better, they are consistently heated and cooled in a certain order, the final step was developing.

In the NINETEENTH century the price of Samsonov knives was 13 rubles. For comparison, the knife firm ««» Rogers » was worth 21 rubles. As an ad it was mentioned that this tool has the ability to reduce the coin.

On among the tools exhibitions Egor Samsonov was awarded the title of participant of the Imperial hunting culture. Ever since, in addition to the typical preconception «« Egor Samsonov in Tula », the blade started to position six-pointed star, the sign of the culture, and the engraving that he is his provider.

After Samsonov

Searching knives such as this, what was the daggers Samson started to be pushed out of use just advanced weapons. It took place in Russia not quick: the master lived and also functioned up until the 30-ies of XX century, and also its products remained in need.

In the twentieth and twenty-first century, bear knife for a seeker is not a lot the demand as the wish to possess the legendary helpful. Certainly, these blades made by Egor Samsonov, not so much. There are duplicates, there are counterfeits.

In Soviet times, at the Tula arms factory was trying to make comparable blades, also attempted to restore the modern technology of the wizard. Specialists performed the analysis of steel samples were measured for toughness.

Recognized this experience: a Few items Samsonov was positioned vertically under the press. With enhancing pressure, they began to go in the lower metal plate. As well as it is exactly that pointed to the success of the master’s biggest precision steel processing. Some specimens broken just when an upright load of more than 14 heaps.

As a self-taught craftsman, that worked in a residence workshop in tandem with his wife-assistant, was able to achieve what did not work from the professionals that had a massive possibility? Some say that the trick of a shed technology. Others declare it’s all about springtime steel, as well as the armourer simply effectively utilized it for their products.

Nevertheless, through this secret the name of Egor Petrovich Samsonov, that survived the borders of Tula in your home with the sign «« Hardening of knives for hunting,» » maintained in the background of hunting and also craft of Russia. As evidence of the big chances of people who are born on this earth.

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