The opening of hunting a duck in the springtime

Shooting waterfowl includes not only the capturing. It is required to perform a variety of initial actions such as preparing devices and also preparation of permission papers.

Hunting season: open season

The start of the capturing video game in 2017 in the areas does not happen in eventually. Date of opening of hunting marsh inhabitants can vary, although in a lot of homes there is a single day.
From 1 April to 31 may (dates can be a little moved) is a main hunting duration for waterfowl. Final preliminary timing established hunting.

Comply with the policies as well as laws of shooting

Capturing at a specified time is not restricted just to extraction of ducks. You can take the prize other varieties.

Consisting of:

  • enable capturing of a dove;
  • Kulik;
  • lishi.

At the same time enforced a number of limitations as well as a full restriction:

  1. for shooting fowl noted in the Red publication;
  2. you can not fire Gogol;
  3. merganser;
  4. silohuette;
  5. Blackie;
  6. dove– a bruise and also a number of various other types.

A full listing of banned capturing of venison in every hunting/land. His need to understand and also make sure to assess prior to you begin hunting.

For the advancement and raising populaces of waterfowl limitations of shooting per hunter. For someday allowed to create no more than 5 carcasses. For violations of the guidelines of shooting charges are presented, with which should be read prior to searching. It has to be remembered that all pets like the nation. Guideline of rates and timing of capturing permits you to regulate the population of each species.

A few words concerning searching and shooting ticket cards

  • For legal duck hunting in 2017

need to have: hunting license;

capturing card. Hunting license has info about the seeker, the tiny arms and the location of registration.

Card for capturing has info about the timing of searching and the place. Furthermore, firing the map shows the details area of the search.

You require to remember and know

Inappropriate conduct shooting near villages, in places likely finding people. According to the approved policies of the distance to the feasible place of individuals can be up to 200 meters.
Purely prohibited to make use of any non listed tools. You can not utilize unauthorized methods of hunting wild chicken. Inappropriate capturing and making use of weapons while intoxicated. Searching guidelines do not enable the transfer of tools to third parties.


A full range of guidelines and actions of seekers remain in each ranch that you wish to stick and see to the hunt.

To search in the spring, exclusively on Drake.
They differ from the weft big measurements and weight. The cry of a duck is various from the voice of a duck.

The tools of the seeker

For comfortable shooting requires a tested weapon, quality ammunition of a certain quality and also ammunition convenient.


The question of the choice of weapons is individuality. Today, using semi-automatic rifles competing with the conventional straight as well as upright double-barreled weapons.

The important things you require to pay attention to is:

  • on the accuracy of fire;
  • and also a sharp battle.
  • Fundamental guideline: weapons need to remain in working problem.

In the process of searching rifle you might encounter numerous kinds of waterfowl. For shooting birds there are cartridges with specified rooms from 3 to 7. Universal in this situation are cartridges with shot No. 5.

Cartridges have to appropriate for firing. About the moment of manufacturing of cartridges as well as date of usage marked on the box pertinent info.

Not allowed shooting video game cartridges damp, with visible signs of defect and ended cartridges.


The package consists of ammunition bandolier or pouch to suit cartridges of different quality. The waistline belt suspension (toroca) for prize game.

Puts on ammo gun case, ideally made from long lasting water resistant material and knapsack. Do not ignore selecting a hunting blade can be found in convenient at any moment.


For «« sea quest » suitable light, windproof coat. Pants them water-repellent fabric and bog.

When searching from a watercraft is essential to have 2 collections of clothes. One– light variation. The 2nd winter months set, which may consist of 2 coats, thermal underwear, woollen socks as well as cozy trousers. Such steps are connected with the motion of the water and also the functions of hunting waterfowl.

Functions springtime ejection

It is very important when choosing a place to hunt led by certain guidelines. It pays to use the room, near a fly and also sits waterfowl.
In this instance, you require to take into consideration the possibility of setting on the water decoy, permitting a reasonably totally free drifting. Exposure needs to be excellent to duck from a distance could see a duck.
You need to consider feasible existing. To place a decoy and packed to make sure that they do not fall over. Is the best quiet Bay or meadows.

Regarding the moment of the capturing

The most «« killer» » is thought about an ambush on the early morning as well as evening dawns. For stealth, furnished with huts in which the weapons are put ahead of time.

It is best to take 2 ducks, which can be changed to relax and also quest throughout the day. In stormy, over cast weather duck can fly during daylight hours.

Approaches of searching

There are lots of ways of finding as well as obtaining the prize.

The most usual are:

  • shooting the duck using designs;
  • searching with canines.
  • Shooting duck from the decoy as well as packed

For capturing at a moving target is utilized to assail as well as camouflage. This can be an outdoor tents, or a particularly dug pit. Stuffed animals are placed at the chosen place beforehand, and also the arrowheads found in camping tents.

Capturing Drake with using dogs

The video game can be effective with making use of pets. The moment to find the video game Matins as well as evening dawn. Trophy with approach will be successful if the pet is trained.

The most common species to search for waterfowl this:

  • German wire-haired pointing;
  • spaniels;
  • sort;
  • all breeds of setters.

They are distinguished by obedience, exceptional nose, willpower in the search. The capability to go after leaving prey. These rocks are flawlessly serves the trophy, magnum opus on the wounded animal. They are trainable and attached to the owner.

Pet dog in the search game combed via the reeds, trying to put video game birds on the wing. Hunter strolls along the coast, enjoying the pet dog’s behavior. She brings the prize to the owner, eliminating carcasses from unattainable to human beings.

Reliable is the use of dogs in hunting waterfowl, which strong to combat. To bring a wounded animal obligation pet.

Experienced and also well-trained pet dog you can make use of the full daytime hrs, allowing it relax occasionally.

Disagreement and also the identification of the trophy

When there is a concern of the right of possession of the prize demand to abide by the regulations. The carcass goes to the seeker who fired the last one.

It is undesirable to make a shot at Drake, who stood on the wing. Absolutely require to obtain the wounded pet.

He is rightfully the proprietor of the pet if Drake produced under a person else’s pet. He, consequently, sends you as a thank you cartridges.

Beginners that are lucky enough to obtain the trophy on the first search, require to give thanks to the coach, handing him a couple of carcasses of the duck.


There are overlooked policies of conduct in hunting. Adhering and abiding by them, you experience a strange ritual. Favorable feelings in this situation you offered. Collective hunting is mainly satisfying an old, relied on people, no matter their standing in culture. Besides when shooting at video game birds all are equivalent as well as remain in the exact same problems. Maintain this in mind and regard of colleagues-in-arms.

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