The opening of the spring hunting

Hunting “Bear country” opens a new hunting season 2017 and invites you to join such a joyous occasion for all lovers of hunting. Spring hunting is not only interesting, but also beautiful.

Undoubtedly, in each of the seasons has its own charm, but spring always instills in people a joyful sense of anticipation and revives the instinct of the ancestors – hunters.

Secrets in the hunting not disclosed, spring hunting is hunting exclusively on waterfowl and upland game, which in “Bear territory” countless. Nature of Tver region is rich in lakes and rivers, and Likhoslavl district is no exception. Wetlands on-site are represented by rivers aleshinka, Tikhvinka, dipper. Spans many waterfowl and marsh fowl.

But the relish of spring hunting, someone can certainly argue, it is grouse. Grouse – bird, the cranky, the less current black grouse, the shorter the hunt. When on the fly you have at the maximum limit of distance is one to three Kosach, shot you intuitively begin to hurry fearing that so few “production” will be moved to the far edge of the reach of shot. Therefore, one conclusion: it is important where and how to hunt. Option the absence of the handsome black grouse in the “Bear territory” clearly not threatened.

Experienced Rangers will advise if necessary before hunting, I’ll share the little tricks the local production of the handsome black grouse, will bring on the most likely spot. And there… Everything depends on diligence and experience.

One thing is for sure – enchanted song a dozen roosters will not leave anyone indifferent. Majestic awakening and fragrant nature of the forest, fresh air, good food, comfortable hunting facilities and hospitality, what else does a man need for a good rest from the bustle of the city!

Hunting “Bear country” sincerely congratulates all the hunters with the early opening of spring hunting in the southern areas of the Tver region. The base in D. Mahony Likhoslavl district of Tver region will gladly take you with 15.04.2017. Good hunting and comfortable, as well as to protect nature and the world around them, remembering that this magnificence would be good to save for future generations.

Bears woke up. The bears also have a sense of humor all right. In the next rounds of our territory, the first of April 2017, we found significant traces of Bruin.

Woke up the king of beasts from hibernation, but not seen one awake. After a couple of kilometers to notice even the traces (neighbors woke up). According to our calculations, we now have on site at least 28 of these brown beauties. Given our food (cottage cheese, oats, condensed milk), the skin of bears – one feast for the eyes. Here own rate.

The bear – beast is clever and dangerous, but hunting at it from this factor acquires a special tart taste and even the thrill of the hunt for the beast blood adds a dose of adrenaline.

Come, we will be glad, if you hunt in our territory will give You a lot of emotions and allow you to take home the trophy, which is considered the most valuable.

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