Top 5 Stealth Cam catches– 2017 Elk Season

So, as I share these Top 5 records from this elk season, keep in mind they aren’t ranked according to dimension of pets, however much more for the story that each image or video clip informs.

I’ll start with # 5, and work my method to # 1. Near the bottom, make certain to leave a comment and also tell me which capture you suched as best. I’ll randomly select among the remarks to obtain a totally free Stealth Cam route camera!

Hi, my name is Corey, and I’m addicted to route cameras. Seriously, these things are so much fun! I am practically giddy walking in to look at my path web cams, filled with anticipation of what could be waiting on there … and also what may be waiting over the following ridge!

I upgraded my whole path video camera line to Stealth Cams, and I absolutely like them! They are tiny, so very easy to program (believe pre-set setups), and work perfectly. I have 8 Stealth Cam path cams currently, as well as I’ve never ever had a single issue with any of them. Plus, they take AA batteries, as well as the batteries last a long time.

I got the last of my “elk season” trail video cameras a couple weeks back, as well as wished to share the Top 5 images/videos that my route cameras were able to capture this period. I am not a “trophy seeker”, so my electronic cameras aren’t utilized as a device to find the largest elk, etc. I utilize the route cameras to assist me see a larger photo of what is taking place in an area, not necessarily where the most significant elk is. I do like it when I see large bulls on my electronic cameras!

The Story Behind # 5:

As a lot of you most likely know, my family and I transferred to the mountains this summer. After 19 years in Boise, it was time to move closer to elk. Well, that was an assumed in the rear of my mind anyhow. Institution for my kiddos, out of the city, etc, were the main factors that motivated the move, but having elk close by was a definite bonus offer. We rented out an apartment over the summer as we began construction on our new residence. I chose to utilize a handful of trail video cameras on our home, even more to keep track of human task and also make sure products and also tools didn’t wind up walking off.

So, I used my 16 ′ ladder as well as climbed up method up in a Douglas Fir tree to position a Stealth Camera that would certainly be aimed straight at the homesite. We had actually leveled off the structure website that morning, and that really opening night, here is what I captured on the electronic camera:

It’s so exciting to fulfill your next-door neighbors for the first time! It appears like we’re moving into an area with excellent neighbors for certain!

The Story Behind # 4:

This was the first year I truly began playing around with video clips on my Stealth Cams. As Well As with Stealth Cams new 4K path electronic camera, it most definitely added a level of enjoyment to be able to obtain a bit greater than just a still capture of the elk’s actions! Plus, the audio on these points is actually, really good!

A lot of you possibly followed along on the Hunt of a Lifetime hunt that we were blessed to cialis sans ordonnance be a part of this loss. 14-year-old Austin came out from Pennsylvania to hunt elk with us for a week, as well as what an amazing week it was!

Donnie and I set up camp 2 days prior to Austin and his daddy got here, and added to a wallow we had discovered last be up to set a trail cam. We didn’t obtain a possibility to examine the camera prior to the quest ended, yet we were delighted to see what had remained in the area, as well as quit on our way back home to draw the cam.

This bull absolutely had not been the largest elk on the hill, yet the cool component of the multiple video clips we captured of this bull was the truth that just about every video clip showcased a bull bugling behind-the-scenes. Having sound on a path camera throughout the rut is really trendy!

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