Types and also use camouflage nets for hunting

Camouflage internet for searching, various other and military occasions where you require a disguise. Apply in several locations: it is the concealment of armed forces equipment and also facilities, installments, ways of camouflage for human beings.

The network simulates the vegetation of a certain area, which will need hiding.

Externally, it is a mesh base with formed patches of various materials (textile, tape, etc).

Properties and also sorts of networks to disguise

Camouflage internet are used extensively in lots of fields due to its homes:

  • quiet;
  • push back moisture;
  • do not fade under the activity of sunshine;
  • do not burn;
  • features continue to be the very same under all temperature conditions;
  • do not produce glare;
  • the camouflage on the ground.

For some types of hunting, they are irreplaceable, so they are commonly made use of.

Products can be subdivided into three teams.

  1. «« The wave ». Textile has a characteristic wavy form, the cell dimension is 4 sq. cm
  2. «« The»strip ». Via the basis stretch strips of fabric. Commonly made at home.
  3. «« Frill ». On a solid canvas cuts are applied flat, which produces a raised stamina of the products.
Framework and color scheme

Developing a network is very simple. It includes only 2 parts, material and the basics. The base is composed of nylon rope with a specific diameter (2-5 mm). As the structure of cells as well as their sizes may differ. Both the very first and the second parameter relies on the purpose of camouflage nets. The smaller framework is extra valued. The fabric top is affixed with glue, brackets, or sewn.

The shade option might be different depending on the objective of masking, the area in which it will certainly be conducted and season. Among the most common designs we can mention a shade called « Forest ». It utilizes a gamma of autumn landscape, with a predominance of brownish as well as red shades. Network « NATO » was developed in the typical forest environment-friendly tones. Along with shade, of excellent significance for the top quality of disguise played by the framework of the drawing. Three-dimensional, connected by means of network, it permits the object to stand apart from the environment.

Disguise while hunting

Usually, camouflage needed for hunting birds. To begin with in this situation leaves the specifics of the procedure. A terrific numerous types of searching ducks, geese or other bird have something alike: every one of them the crucial aspect is the camouflage.


The high quality of the camouflage is extremely vital given that birds have good sight. One network is often insufficient and also seeker as well as still want an excellent fit. The network itself is often covered with turf as well as various other vegetation of the location. This is to ensure that the bird did not appear the slightest uncertainty of strangeness of what she sees.

For a typical technique of hunting ducks as waiting, it is needed to keep the bird at a distance of 25-30 meters. Make it extremely challenging, as you require to not just close similarities with the surface, but the absence of sound as well as sounds from the network. In some cases you need to wait long and one more needed condition for using concealing products is their impermeability.

In modern-day hunting stores there are numerous choices for plan of shelter, but as a result of the considerable price products, as well as a desire to develop an one-of-a-kind pattern having a high resemblance with the terrain several hunters utilize home made camouflage.

Independent manufacturing

At the start of the procedure of independent manufacture of camouflage need to figure out the sort of plant life, which he will certainly copy. One of the most frequently made use of are: framework of coniferous, deciduous plants, hedges and also turf, in addition to a distinct pattern. In the production process you can make use of strands of floss, hemp or items of camouflage textile.

To accomplish the optimum simplicity of camouflage nets it is advised to use real-time plants with the area where will certainly be hunting, in mix with man-made products.

The network creates a resilient, non-deformable base, which have to be connected by any of the approaches of covering up the covering in the form of prepared material (pieces of bow, scraps, threads).

As a fastening do not make use of tape, as it can create glow in the sun, and produce unwanted noises. Consider a specific «« recipes » for the manufacture of camouflage webs at home.

Network ««»

Goblin » To produce this camouflage internet will need the adhering to things as well as elements: nylon string, rags, urine, tissue strips, brushes, paint with yellow, green and also brownish shades. A network of nylon thread can weave themselves or purchase in the shop. She will certainly serve as the basis. The size of the item you need to pick separately, depending on the object masking. For a cars and truck normally take a sheet of 3 by 6 meters, for people is 2.5 to 3 meters.

The ideas prizhivayutsya to network spread. For the face, cut an opening. The «« visor» » is a shroud of the same material, which can be folded up if necessary. The following step is the preparation of the covering up strips. Perfect material for them — — it’s synthetic (kapron, nylon, artificial silk).

Selection due to the technological attributes of these materials that do not absorb dampness, smells and also light in weight.

The canvas is reduced into private items. The strips need to be size from 0.5 to 1.5, and the size from 1.5 to 5 inches. In order that the pieces were more safely connected, the network is expanded in the vacuum. To enhance the cells better on the angled, so will be greater the stamina of the item. When the objects that are on the network discontinue to be various from the distance of 8-10 meters, weave can be completed in the minute. All set network you can apply a covering of spray or with a brush.

Network Mix

For this network, you’ll need paint, brushes, nylon, oakum, moss and also patches of grass. Similar to the initial example, taken network. Any other than the angling line. Is just developed to shelter human item of 3.5-4 meters with enough. Strip to do there is no demand, therefore, to weave you can simply natural elements. Symmetry be observed is, however, it is better to do in the most chaotic pattern.

Materials ought to be uniformly dispersed, an error to group them. This defeats the simplicity of appearance. Network density is not as big as in the first embodiment, the exposure via it is much better. In this case, masking residential or commercial properties are not lost due to the use of other materials, varying in structure as well as texture. Flax, grass and pee replace tape. They are woven independently. Last woven twigs. When painting the last items you require to utilize paints with deep absorption.

The network is ready to use promptly after it dries out paint and weathered all the smells. The expense of such camouflage nets in a number of times cheaper than store-bought, yet its development can take a lot of time.

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