Weimaraner– Bird Hunting Dog Series

A spectacular coat, fantastic scenting ability and also resolution in the area form the account of the classy Weimaraner.

Original Purpose of the Weimaraner

A number of well-debated theories on the Weimaraner’s advancement are based on layer shade, possession by nobility or the aristocracy, as well as searching traits. The only unassailable reality of the Weimaraner’s heritage is that in the 1800s in Weimar, Germany, a certain type of directing canine was respected by the hunting nobility for its speed, effectiveness as well as monitoring.

Several accounts provide it high marks in hunting big video game such as boar as well as deer. The type also was developed for adaptability in upland bird and little video game searching. Its parent club, Weimaraner Klub e.V. was created in 1897.

Hunting Style as well as Temperament of the Weimaraner

Weimaraners today have maintained strong tracking and also getting reactions. They are recognized for their nose as well as stamina. Most seekers say that Weimaraners have a tendency not to run as big as some of the other functional breeds although pets from area trial lines might vary bigger than their counterparts whose lineage was tailored in the direction of the on-foot seeker. Absolutely flexible, Weimaraners can function similarly well on a variety of game birds. They make good waterfowlers yet mostly in the very early season before temperature levels decline.

In the house, Weimaraners are devoted, caring, and also typically protective. They are devoted to their households with a strong desire to please. This is a high power type, requiring normal workout so they do not become mischief-makers.

Traits of the Weimaraner Important to Hunters


Weimaraner women need to consider 55-70 lbs.; males ought to evaluate 70- 85 lbs. Both ought to be well-muscled with a deep breast and chopped tail.


The popular “grey ghost” coat ranges from a suppressed grey to bright silver. Extra unusual is the blue-grey layer. Genetically, the silver-grey is really a dilution of a brownish layer caused by a specific recessive gene. Blue layers are a dilution of black genes, comparable to that seen in greyhounds. Weimaraners can have long or short coats, and also pet dogs with both brief and lengthy hair genes can produce a mix coat referred to as a “stockhaar” coat. The short layers need very little grooming, also after resolving thick cover.


Weimaraners take to very early training although their factor may require time to develop dependability. The type is frequently referred to as “thinkers,” really smart in such a way that creates them to obtain burnt out with training if it does not remain constant and also fresh.

Health Risks

Weimaraners’ most kept in mind health danger is an acquired immune shortage which generally occurs by 12-15 weeks of age, potentially triggered by vaccinations.

Finding a Good Breeder

The Weimaraner’s appearance with its stylish grey layer as well as light eyes has actually made them popular in the show ring to the detriment of their searching capacities. As with various other hunting types whose breeders might have their eyes on the ring instead of the area, it is most important to locate a young puppy from solid hunting lines. The long haired Weimaraners are unusual in the U.S.; the Weimaraner Club of America does not accept it as part of the breed requirement.

Nancy Anisfield is a permanent outside author and also photographer. Enthusiastic regarding bird searching and also guardian, she catches photos for hunting pet dog breeders and for wingshooting magazines, places and item manufacturers. Nancy is the creative entity behind the Ugly Dog Hunting Company, a contributing editor for Versatile Hunting Dog and also a field digital photographer for the Ruffed Grouse Society.

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