What is a decoy woodcock and also just how to use it to hunt

Woodcock — — among agents of a big team of waders. Sandpipers have long been a desirable prey for seekers. Because that time, there were many ways to quest this video game. Including searching with a decoy woodcock.

Fascinating bird woodcock

Most shorebirds prefer to dwell near the water. However, the name woodcock originated from the German «« forest» Kulik, » which refers to functions of its habitat. However, although the woodcock resides in woodlands, yet chooses them it wet. Has a long beak, which serves for the manufacturing of food: these birds eat generally earthworms. Shade the bird has a rusty-brown, darker on the top than all-time low, there are marks of black shade.

Need to recognize: Important for the hunter function in the actions of the woodcock — — pull. We call the mating of birds in the mating season, and in regular times it’s quite quiet. And during the search for pairs, men on the fly to create specific sounds, similar to the husky pohryukivanie. The cry consists of two parts, they are called Tikaram and herkenham,. Woodcocks bring in women. This flight is called drive. Females in feedback to whistle — «— « zakaut » — with the planet, so are formed both. Hunting on the spring-powered woodcock

It has actually long been searching for the spring stress on the courtship screen of the woodcock is a fascinating and also effective lesson.

Pull snipe occurs at the end of March — — April. The breeding time is from sunset to finish darkness, then repeated at dawn. Hunting is based upon the expertise of the breeding positions woodcock from year to year, they are the same. Hunters wait for drive and contend the flying woodcock, concentrating on the audios.

You require to recognize: Spring searching on draft permitted just on males! Female and often male, formed a couple can go together to make noises. However females can only «« Cikat », so they are identified by firing just birds that ««»Harkat ». Rod quest woodcock as well as with call. Its usage is based on the replica of the sounds of the woodcock.

Decoy woodcock: background of event

In all areas where the method or was previously permitted springtime victim of woodcock, had actually spread out and also hunting for traction with call. For instance, there are a range of example mancow from France, Germany, Italy, Austria — — although currently it is allowed just in fall or winter months searching, the examples of mancow maintained. There are, certainly, in Russia. And additionally have particular practices.

It is understood that in the 19-20 centuries, Russian seekers used a decoy woodcock, that have and produced. He published it as «« tikanga » as well as « horkage ». Many thanks to the hunters memories of that time maintained a description of the semolina.

Russian decoy woodcock in the previous looked like this: a box with a size of 20 centimeters and also a density of about 3 cm Of bone boxes came out of the tube, along the size resembling a match, its a bit much more in thickness. The product side has actually been provided with a finned wheel 1 centimeters thick and 0.5 centimeters in diameter.

A cunning device was that the two aspects to every other were not linked. Transforming the wheel, imitated «« horkage ». As well as dunuv into a tube, it was feasible to «« tikanga»». The author of the summary includes that both of these noise to draw in the bird, forcing him to resort to the male. Yet specific required skills in using a decoy as well as the capacity to mimic noises. On top of that, the bird might not react in all, to the success influence and also peculiarities of a certain man, and traction time.


Existed different ape of two kinds — — mechanical and also wind that we had blowing. Currently mechanical ape partially replaced by digital tools that, with varying levels of success to take on wind.

Modern monkey woodcock

The monkey believes component of the hunters are absolutely unnecessary for searching woodcock. Others have found out to use these gadgets to obtain a great extraction.

Today there are 2 main kinds of mancow on the basis of their actions.

  • Wind tools to create the sound they blow it, to blow the air. Can be in the kind of a whistle or a mouthpiece There are both international and also residential versions. A lot in this situation relies on the hunter, his experience in the attractive, his musical ear. Blow into this whistle is advised greatly, rapid and tough.
  • E — — here simply press the button as well as you will listen to recorded on the sd card noise, replica of the voices of birds. From the seeker effort as well as abilities are needed. For one reason or another, this alternative does not fit component of the hunters: they think that there is no such affection with nature, with the animal globe
  • Mechanical — — they need to compress by hand, getting the desired noise. Commonly, both United tubes of brass and also the container for air. The seekers state that such a decoy woodcock mimics calls birds even worse than other designs. However again, much depends on experience.

Monkey also differ according to the material where is made of wood, metal or a number of polymers.

Decoy woodcock with their hands

A long time in some towns passed the art of making mancow. This applies to wind tools. Them carved from wood, providing such a structure that when burning out the audio, as similar to the need, in this instance, the voice of the woodcock. There are artisans to develop a mechanical ape from televisions, the important things right here is to choose the ideal products.

The simplest method to make on your own and analogue digital semolina — — primary record player on the ideal sounds and also play them back to nature. With a range of modern devices the opportunities are broadening, as well as many hunters try to experiment in this field.

Rules for the therapy of a decoy woodcock

Prior to you go hunting, you need to make sure whether a decoy. With self-manufacturing, the wizard normally has the necessary understanding. Typically it is currently configured if the gadget is gotten. I recommend you to pick a decoy with fixed settings, to prevent the possibility of something accidentally to ruin the quest and change.

The essence of hunting woodcock with a decoy — — to lure the bird. When it begins pull the hunter out of hiding signals. Men take their require the women, change the instructions of the summer season and autumn under the shot. By submitting a collection of signals, it is desirable to examine the circumstance. If the bird is as well close, beckon, why are you right here to freak her out.

To decoy not to lose, ideally hang it on the lace on the upper body. After that the hands will be entirely free and also the device will not fall to the ground. Dust, dust, moisture, trash might not only harm the unit, however simply disable him. If when blowing right into a tube unintentionally got saliva, you require to blow the whistle as well as dry, taking down for parts.

Beneficial idea: To decoy functioned well, you require to save it correctly. The area must be clean, completely dry, free from dust and also direct sunlight, specifically for timber tools.

Searching woodcock with telephone call will certainly be effective as well as intriguing if you understand the regulations of utilizing this gadget and also follow them.

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