What to use to search

Cap hunting should be used with a long visor. If the visor onto his eyes, he will remove the approaching sunlight rays and also will give the chance to aim against the light. A seeker in one more headdress is not a seeker.

By the method, the caps during the battle

is a large blunder. Coat throughout the summertime hunting, naturally, should be environment-friendly camouflage shade. On the left side in the breast pocket ought to be 2 cells for ammunition, it provides the opportunity, if necessary, promptly to charge the weapon.

In cooler fall and also it is required to wear a big coat made from soft slim natural leather. Again, in the left breast pocket is needed for the cartridges with buckshot is on the occasion of the meeting with the wolf.

Most definitely need to bring a plastic raincoat, since wet hunting very unpleasant.

Strap hunting is much more limitation than handy. He frequently holds on to the branches, when rifle is raised, the belt can catch on the barrel. And after that, there is constantly a need to toss a rifle over his shoulder, which is unacceptable when searching. The ideal choice is a weapon without a belt, however it is in some cases required, because there are times when you need both hands cost-free.

Occasionally after the shot continues to be in the barrel the wad or when you open the shafts, the sleeve breaks off from metal sides. In this instance, you require a cleansing pole, which the hunter brings with him. To do this, take a carpet beater. It is constructed from vacant sleeve, which is loaded with lead.

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