Which bullet is best for hunting wild boar

The boar is a rather large, strong and dangerous animal. Hunting this animal requires special training, proper selection of weapons, equipment, and special skills of the hunter.

What gun and what bullet to choose for hunting wild boar, read on.

What weapon and caliber to choose

As we have noted, the wild boar is quite a strong beast. If he was to inflict mild wound the wrong cartridge, then he can get away from the hunter. Another outcome of the situation even worse. Wounded and furious animal attacks a hunter and can inflict fatal injuries.

That is why part of the success in hunting wild boar depends on the correct choice of weapon and caliber.

  • Smooth-bore guns. Choose the largest caliber, for example, the 12th. In this case the gun should be with a long barrel and a good fight. With such weapons You will be able to make the most accurate shot that will not allow the animal to escape.

We offer several options than to shoot wild boar. It all depends on the features, in which the hunting will take place, as well as the characteristics of the animal. So, for hunting wild bore, you can choose buckshot 9 mm. In cartridge 12 gauge to fit 9 pieces.

When shooting in a thicket or shrub should prefer bullets that will not ricochet. For Example, Blondeau, Rubakin. Of course, you can also choose other blunt bullets. They have sufficient accuracy at a distance of 50 m and good stopping ability.

When hunting for wild boar in open plan areas perfect pointed-tailed bullets.

Among the popular domestic options bullet Poleva, Italian, Gualandi.

  • Rifles. If You prefer rifles, shoot the wild boar is the maximum powerful cartridge 9 mm caliber. it is Not necessary to choose a caliber of at least 7.62 x 51 mm.

Sighting of a gun is recommended in advance of cold weather. It is necessary to evaluate the sharpness of the shot and in this case, consider the temperature conditions in which you have to shoot. Also pay attention to the features of the cartridges. It is best to choose the sharpest. Experienced hunters often enough to equip cartridges yourself, while increasing the linkage of gunpowder, if the hunt will take place in the cold.

To summarize

Be sure to consider the conditions under which hunting takes place. Bullets Rubakin and Blondo suitable for firing in a thicket, the bushes and the reeds. Bullet Poleva and Gualandi is a great choice for shooting in an open area. Also for hunting wild bore, you can use the 9 mm. buckshot For hunting wild boar, choose the largest caliber.

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