What to wear to hunt

Cap hunting must be worn with a long visor. If the visor onto his eyes, he will cut off the oncoming sun rays and will give the opportunity to aim against the light. A hunter in another headdress is not a hunter.

By the way, the caps during the war is a big mistake.

Jacket during the summer hunting, of course, should be green camouflage color. On the left side in the breast pocket should be two cells for ammunition, it gives the opportunity, if necessary, quickly to recharge the weapon. In cooler autumn and it is necessary to wear a large jacket made from soft thin leather. Again, in the left breast pocket is necessary for the cartridges with buckshot is on the occasion of the meeting with the wolf.

Definitely need to bring a plastic raincoat, because wet hunting very unpleasant.

Strap hunting is more hindrance than helpful. He constantly clings to the branches, when rifle is raised, the belt can catch on the barrel. And then, there is always a desire to throw a rifle over his shoulder, which is unacceptable when hunting. Therefore, the best option is a gun without a belt, but it is sometimes necessary, because there are times when you need both hands free.

Sometimes after the shot remains in the barrel the wad or when you open the shafts, the sleeve breaks off from metal edges. In this case, you need a cleaning rod, which the hunter carries with him. To do this, take a rug beater. It is made of empty sleeve, which is filled with lead.

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