Algorithms a distant shot of a large fraction

Often the containers, for example, are sighting the target at 35 metres. To reduce this negative point, I cut lengthwise into four segments felt wads.

Equipment ammo large fraction has its own peculiarities. After the departure of the projectile from the barrel of powder gases approximately 46 cm have an effect on the projectile. There are even specific details of how additionally increases the speed of the projectile. If the wads are heavy, they catch up with the shot column and, penetrating into him, plowing down a fraction. Naturally, the accuracy of the battle will decline.

When shooting on the surface of fresh snow is easy to see how far you fly wads or containers.

After departure from a bore, they immediately scatter in different directions and not plowing down a fraction.

Gosatwatch with the cartridge chambers 76 and 89 mm are designed for shooting steel shot (for imports). Write in the passports that they can be applied cartridges with casing of 70 mm. of Course, possible. But still the quality of the fight with such cartridges will be slightly lower.

There is still a possible breakthrough gases in the shell entrance. This will be especially noticeable if applied thick-walled shells. The wad came out of the sleeve, not just covers the shell entrance, and gases erupt around him.

A ring of powder fouling even be noticeable at the end of the chamber. On Ismene has long been identified, that the accuracy in such cases can fall by 4-6 %.

Fight with a thick-walled shells will be better than thin. Under the thick-walled I mean the first samples of the plastic sleeves (70-80-ies), paper sleeve early issue, modern paper cartridges NMZ “Extra”.

The fact that the strong mismatch of the internal diameter of the sleeve to the diameter of the bore leads to excessive crushing of the fraction in the slug input. It’s all subtle factors, but the amount they can significantly reduce the fight. Although I know that many neglect them.

For the best seal pointed out Markevich. Is there an easy way to increase it is to increase the diameters of the wads. But the cartridge becomes barrel-shaped and tightly inserted into the chamber.

Can then be problems with extraction. And in-charging the cartridges are generally unacceptable, there will be delays. To use plastic seals. Some cardboard boxes and wads is not enough.

I have made a matrix with punches for pressing with tanks from under the oils of seals for the bore 18.2 and 18.5 mm. If there are no instruments that can be used for 12-gauge shotgun pellet plastic wads Scheinin 16-gauge.

These seals are placed directly on the powder, and then, as usual, two pieces of cardboard, felt saleny wad, cut lengthways on four parts, followed by a felt wad or neocolony D. V. p. If someone tries this method, I assure you, you will experience that increase of accuracy and especially the field of battle.

The felt wads should also be of different diameters. For the barrel of 18.2 mm – 8.9 mm, bore 18.5 mm – 19.2 mm (cardboard sheets are 0.3 mm smaller in diameter).

The projectile buckshot will give a good fight only if this fraction will be aligned with the bore, especially with a muzzle narrowing. Is there a fraction that is easiest to test empirically. It is necessary for the wad to fall asleep in the muzzle of the barrel roll in a single layer.

This layer should not be voids or, conversely, pellets should not stick out.

Such numbers fraction for this channel will be a little, № 2-3.I, for example, for МЦ21-12 fits large fraction No. 0. I never for responsible hunting does not apply inconsistent value.

Long-proven, best shock absorber for a fraction is the starch (when equipped at home). N. N. Fokin, a great connoisseur of firing buckshot, wrote that starch is the best in the world hub for fractions.

For the 12-gauge is required at one shell of 1.2–1.5 g starch. The shell layers can pour starch with subsequent rearrangement. I make it simpler, pre-roll in the Bank mixed with starch. When you equip a lot of ammo, once long, dealing with every cartridge.

Emphasize that the starch will give a positive result only if the fraction is aligned with the bore.

The powder I use only the “Falcon”. Quickmatch gunpowder, such as “sunar”, “bars” and others, are very sensitive to different components the cartridges, the method snaryadki, compression of the components of the cartridge in the sleeve, the sealing sleeve styles.

At home to work out a good cartridge such powders difficult. Long-term experimentation in different batches and different saradhi.

You must make sure that at the maximum charge of shot for 12 gauge 36 g mass of powder was not less than indicated on the label in the Bank. I have a 2.3 g. it is important not to reduce the sharpness of the battle.

At home when developing cartridge with a large fraction of the container not previously used. Are the seals, the felt wads. Here it is necessary to keep the front wad could block the shell entrance earlier than the rear of the wad leaves the shell, to avoid breakthrough of gases in front of the fraction.

If you apply the sealing sleeve by way of “star”, the overall height of the wads will be less. Can happen blowby. So adding extra wad, we will be able to plug the casing only by a twist. So that’s what I do.

By the way, for self-loading rifle such ammunition does not give delay.

For shooting geese should not take overly large fraction. At No. 00, 000, 0000 the number of pellets in the shell will be less than the number 1.0 and portages will be more. I’m not even talking about the canister. It’s really a harmful tenacious prejudice. We must take a goose (Aksakov) fraction # 1 or # 0).

Too small a fraction for this game with the increase in distance will not have the necessary energy to defeat. Will the wounded animal, as the shot will not reach vital organs, to settle in the upper tissues; heart and other organs will function, drive blood, and the game will bleed. The trophy will not accrue to the hunter.

For the goose allow penetration of the two pellets hitting the front of the carcass. We were always taught about 4-6 pellets in the carcass of the fowl. Practice shows that after hitting two pellets on the vital organs of the game, as a rule, is yours.

The most important question of internal ballistics is to provide good shock absorption fractions.

Installed repeatedly that the deformed shot will always give worse accuracy, worse sharpness, worse uniformity of the battle. A counter flow of air entering at different facets of the bullet, will deflect it from the desired flight. And where is the main crushing of the pellets?

Some reason to believe that in the muzzle narrowing. No. On Iimage group Izmailskogo have found that primary crushing of pellets is still in the sleeve 50 mm from the Treasury.

Hence, for us practitioners, the most important conclusion – as little as possible to deform the shot. So, the question rests on the deformation capabilities of the wads.

Hard wads are not suitable. If we are talking about the felt, it is necessary to select not hard, not heavy, and, of course, clean, free from grit and dust. Good as a secondary wad and wad from the D. V. p. It is compression changes the height of the (reduced) three times, a good felt – twice.

The choice of material must always be sure, clenching his strong fingers. Well-chosen wads often provide better attenuation than the first polyethylene wad-container.

And, of course, the fraction is desirable to have solid, spherical, of equal size, without caverns and tails.

It should be borne in mind that the final preload all components of the cartridge – powder, wads, shot occurs at the moment of sealing, Dulce shells.

Industrially this effort is adjusted according to the elasticity of polyethylene wads containers and their height is the depth of the matrix by incorporation of Dulce. In the home will help experience and successful devices for equipment of cartridges.

In the heat of passion reinforced shells in the cartridge chambers 76 and 89 mm it should not be forgotten that the more Grabovogo height of the column in the sleeve, the more the shot will be deformed. And here is a little help and good cushioning wads, and starch.

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