Discussed the issues of hunting migratory waterfowl

At the initiative of the hunting public on June 22 in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” held a round table on the theme “Hunting for waterfowl during spring and autumn migration. A rational approach to renewable resources, the organization and promotion of the right of hunting.”

Hunting the public that initiated the event, was represented by the Ryazan regional branch of the Russian hunting Union “Club of hunters Ryazan” (V. Lyubimskiy, I. P. Larionov), schools of hunting skill (D. M. Miller), club of hunting with decoy birds and manami (A. V. Manannikov), Internet resource Ganz.ru (K. A. Karasev, Nizhny Novgorod, B. S. Bogachev, Tver and Voronezh oblast), groups “the national League of hunting and fishing”, Ivanovo (E. M. Shelepin), hunting groups in social networks. The initiative of holding the round table came from hunters themselves.

The round table meeting were invited Deputy Director of the Department of hunting, Ministry of Russia A. M. Fedotov, assistant of the Department A. P. Minev, head of the research Department of Federal tsentrokhotkontrol, PhD.Biol.Sciences A.V. Solokha from Rosohotrybolovsouz – Deputy President A. A. Sitsko, head. Department – N.In. Smirnov, ornithologist, chief specialist of the Department of hunting management Department of environmental Control and safety division of the Oryol region Dmitry Sviridov, researcher at Institute of ecology and evolution Russian Academy of Sciences, Cand.Biol.Sciences S. B. Rosenfeld, Professor V. A. Kuzyakin, ornithologist, candidate.Biol.Sciences A. B. Linkov, ornithologist, an expert on game breeding and hunting organization S. V. Alasgarov, assistant Deputy of the state Duma P. V. Kuzenkov, chief editor of the magazine “Hunting and hunting farm” A. M. Blum, editor of the journal “Hunter” A. V. Korabelnikov, the TV channel “Hunting and fishing”.

Opening the meeting, head. edited by A. I. Lisitsyn said that the purpose of this discussion, to find a compromise between scientists, aggressively seeking to limit the spring hunting until its closure, and hunters. How to make rational use of Anseriformes and hunt them without prejudice to their populations?

S. B. Rosenfeld presented his report on this issue and voiced proposals to optimize hunting. She said ornithologists-experts in waterfowl do not act indiscriminately for the closure of hunting. In their opinion, hunting should be scientifically justified and not detrimental to the populations of hunting and endangered species. The only active mechanism for maintaining breeding populations of waterfowl – the creation of zones of rest on the ways of migration and in breeding areas. Hunting is the management of resources. You need to know the number of species and populations, and to assess the real volume of production. We have now featured a faceless group of “geese” and “ducks.” No automatic view-specific account, not to mention the population. According to the scientist, since 2011, in spite of the active cooperation with the Department, no significant changes in hunting regulations and hunting laws was not accepted.

“My experience with hunters revealed that many of them do not know that geese are monogamous – continued S. B. Rosenfeld.- Geese form pairs for life. In the case of death in the spring of one of the partners, it means that this pair is already in the spring will not reproduce. In case of loss of partner, new spouse Gus can only find the following winter. With parents up to 4 years old traveling together and goslings.”.

Spring hunting with a decoy also has a negative impact on reproduction in a kind of disturbance in breeding areas, according to S. B. Rozenfeld. In the United States and Canada spring hunting for ducks and geese is closed in 1918 there Now exists a ban on hunting from February 20 to September 10. In Russia in the spring produced about the same geese as in the autumn, and ducks (drakes) in the spring to shoot 2 times less than in autumn.

The main return of rings from geese spring hunting. In establishing the terms of hunting and norms of production is necessary to allocate Flyway and that they carry out the regulation of hunting, and not within the administrative boundaries of the regions. Need to manage at the species and population levels. All of Europe refused to spring hunting, which now remained only in Russia and Belarus. A brief vision of the watchers spring hunting, according to S. B. Rosenfeld, is as follows. The main places of rest and feeding of migratory geese should be placed under protection through the establishment of zones of peace.

Optimal is an American organization of hunting: zones of peace where birds rest and feed in the territory of hunting, there are some geese still fly in and serve as hunting animals. Term of hunting should be uniform and continuous, despite phenological differences in the timing of migration. Now spring hunting in some regions, lasts up to 45 days due to the separation regions to districts, and ends on June 16 at the North of the country. Spring hunting should be spring, not summer, it must end on 1 June. Ornithologists for the closure of hunting in southern and North Caucasian districts, where the autumn hunt lasts three or more months.

They can as compensation add deadline winter period (until February). Hunting geese in the spring in Central Russia should be only on the sidelines, only from skrebkov and stuffed animals, and only in specialized hunting farms where her competent organization and hard the hunter control. Spring hunting, according to S. B. Rozenfeld, whether geese or drakes, should be carried out only in the daytime, except for twilight hunting.

Ornithologists have proposed the licensing of hunting for hunting for geese, but she did not find understanding in the Department. In most European countries hunting geese on the wintering grounds is highly regulated. However, the speaker acknowledged the fact that Romania and Bulgaria there is a mass shooting geese and there is a thriving poaching. It is hoped that the entry of these countries into the European Union will stop this mess.

Now the growth of certain types of geese and geese in Europe is not the role of hunters, and with the intensive development of agriculture, increasing areas of cereals and the capacity of the land for geese. In other words, according to S. B. Rozenfeld, we owe the West for being there in recent years created excellent conditions for wintering geese.

The chief of the hunting management Department of the Oryol region, the ornithologist D. A. Sviridov drew the attention of the audience that the geese flying over the Orel, almost frightened. As you move to their wintering grounds in the result of hunting pressure, they become more cautious and shy. Birds fly is almost ready to breed. Even in the Orel region in the spring was producing geese with formed eggs in the oviduct.

The audience questioned the fact that the prohibition or limitation of spring hunting in Russia as a whole will have a positive impact on the population dynamics. We need a clear monitoring of staff and production needs experienced quite a large area, including several neighboring regions, with clear monitoring of the effects of bans.

The speaker was asked a lot of questions.

When asked how many geese today is produced in Europe, the response from S. B. Rosenfeld was not. There are some expert assessment of the late 20th century. The account of mining in most European countries has not been established. The overall production data on geese in Europe there. So how to discuss this topic unless there is at least an approximate figure, asked the moderator of the round table. On this candidate.Biol. Sciences A. B. Linkov said that according to the beginning of the 21st century, Russia has produced about 200 thousand geese, and in Europe – up to 1 million

According to S. B. Rosenfeld, analysis powodowac production in Russia is not carried out. To which she objected employee Centrokhotkontrol A.V. Solokha, who said that at present annually powodowac collection of data on the production of birds by region, these data regularly since 2012, summarized in annual reports of public consultations the Belarusian delegation register. The information in the Department of hunting is. Some have very complete data. Much laid out on the website of Centrokhotkontrol.

Is there coordination between Centrokhotkontrol and the Working group on Anseriformes? A.V. Solokha said that it was very desirable, however, on a number of issues, in particular the red book, between these organizations, there are significant differences that adversely affected the ability of such coordination. At the same time, centrokhotkontrol always uses the publication of the watchers on the issues and ready to cooperate.

Did the closure of the hunting of grey goose to increase its numbers? Judging by the response of S. B. Rosenfeld, conclusions to do still early, and must pass a certain period in order to answer this question. We need government monitoring, including the evaluation of species abundance and production.

Ornithologist S. V. Aliskerov told about his many years of experience in hunting to game breeding and the creation of specialized hunting farms for conducting guaranteed hunts. It is necessary to develop technology development Anseriformes. Hunting should be a secure, profitable, with a clear compliance with the rules of shooting and no damage to the population.

A. I. Lisitsin referred to the proper years of experience hunting geese in the Arkhangelsk region under Complex and Olonets, where there are quiet zones near hunting areas, where hunting classic has been held successfully for several years.

K. A. Karasev told about his observations of goose hunting in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Unfortunately, despite the large area and the attractiveness of the wetlands for migratory geese, and only 4 of the reproduction phase, serve as zones of peace for geese. The area has many places to stop and feed the ducks and geese. The hunters do nothing to highlight areas of rest. In our area the hunting prohibitions on spills all 3 rivers, and on the other, where a lot of ducks and geese, hunting is not prohibited. It is necessary to watch strictly that the hunt produced only of artificial shelters. Natural cover such as clumps of trees and bushes, forest chopping is not allowed. Spring hunting drakes in the Nizhny Novgorod region there is no order. A flight shooting, use only semolina and stuffed without decoy.

Cyril himself has long ceased to hunt with a decoy and spring on the drakes do not hunt, as in his opinion hunting in the breeding areas of ducks is unacceptable. According to him, in the spring of the main habitats of breeding ducks must be taken under protection. At the same time, he believes that spring hunting drakes should be carried out only in the presence of decoy and only in places where ducks do not nest, such as at pools in the meadows. You must enter hunting-at least, as environmental education we have virtually no. The hunters do not distinguish between types, do not distinguish a duck from a Drake. At the same time, there is a need of extending the terms of autumn hunting. In the Nizhniy Novgorod region it usually ends November 10, but the migration of mallards and diving ducks, especially Gogol, Siggi and Turpan, across the rivers area and passes later.

It was proposed to develop the technology, the registry of the hunting grounds, to change the rules of hunting, it all compiled and done in the form of a certain document, which will be a guide to action. To test these approaches on a fairly large area. In the Ryazan region, the model of hunting using zones of peace already in place.

A. A. Secco noted that it is necessary to consider specificity of our great country. And because the American experience is not quite fit. The interaction of hunting organizations with the scientific need to put on a normal footing, on many issues already found mutual understanding.

A. M. Fedotov said that most problems I absolutely agree. Unfortunately, at some point the government gave up the management of resources of hunting animals in General, and referred these issues to the regions, which in turn was not enough prepared, not having a sufficient number of qualified specialists and funding for this area. So while we can’t speak about any resource management at the population level. Alexander Mikhailovich elaborated on the issue of mandatory hunting and settlement. Now the document is in the Government. It includes the requirement of hunting for those who receive kubile, and he will act 10 years.

Kotelet will no longer be free. Currently all bills are long-making procedure, therefore quick to implement will not succeed. As for the areas of rest, the subjects and now they can select, as well as to reduce the time of hunting, that is their right. To take some drastic measures on reduction of terms of hunting and its limitation within the whole country, we need specific figures on drawdown and extraction and a role in this shooting. Unfortunately, Sophia B. they are not able to imagine, stated Deputy head of the Department.

V. P. Kuzenkov has proposed to submit the questions to be discussed at the meeting of the scientific-technical councils of the Department of hunting and Rosohotrybolovsouz may, at their joint meeting. To develop specific proposals and to put them on the table to the new Minister.

V. Lyubimskiy proposed to change the time order of spring hunting. The example of Belarus, Ryazan believe that it is advisable to hunt for a month, but with days of rest in the middle of the week.

It was proposed that the initiative group to prepare a draft decision containing specific proposals of the round table, to harmonize it with the Department and Rosohotrybolovsouz, ornithologists and to publish it in the “Russian hunting newspaper”, to bring it to readers and stakeholders.

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