Features hunting and other knives

Let us examine the characteristics of the knives of the hunter and ordinary citizens. Modern hunting knife should be sharp at the same time (depends on the shape and the position of the tip) and cutting tool (affects the curvature of the cutting edge).

The equilibrium of these functions determines the level of functional capacity and usability of the product.

Company “Blade” offers its constant and potential customers to purchase hunting knives at affordable prices. All the products are of excellent quality, high performance and trouble-free operation. High quality knife products at different prices are represented in the assortment of this shop.

Hunting knives can be used for its intended functional purpose, and for other purposes (work, tourism, sports, diving). Model hunting knives are distinguished by high quality build and a comfortable ergonomic handle. In the process of making products, we use steel of increased strength level. Special profile grinding blade offers the durability and durability automatic and throwing knives.

Folding knife blade retracts into the handle (or moving close to it). To its characteristic features it is possible to classify equipment items of the subsidiary element to open the blade with one hand.

The main advantages of quality knives.

Modern consumers are very popular more knives, which are made of expensive materials and innovative technologies. Collectors from around the world are constantly added to the arsenals of unique products.

The main advantages of quality knives could be considered:

  • durability and abrasion resistance;
  • impact resistance and resistance to aggressive corrosive action;
  • flame-resistant and aesthetic appearance;
  • affordable prices, convenient use, etc.

Curved shape blade offers convenient and simple operation. Wooden handle provides an easy hold and no slip in the hand during use.

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