Hunting for grouse: using active headphones for shooting

Male grouse like to fly to various groves of birch and not only (these groves are called tokovischa). Arriving, they begin to mating songs and dances, sitting on the branches of trees. All this time – is very remarkable, and is called “gluhariny current spring.”

And it is remarkable that just at this time, the forest hunters are very easy to hunt them. Finally, you can at least a little closer to approach the victim, how to aim and stay with the prey! This period all hunters, from beginners to professionals, looking forward to it.

If you look at the calendar hunters, you can see that capercaillie spring technicials March, i.e. in early spring and coming to an end in may. But, of course, we all know that animals do not live strictly according to the calendars and pay more attention to the weather. Because blindly trust wall paper is not always wise. Plus we spring dynamic – when exactly will come is unknown. In General, dates of the hunt is always conditional.

Here we come to the most truthful facts – natural (natural) marks the completion of the current. If spring came early, so the current ends correspondingly earlier. Hunters this fact you need to know. Fortunately, they brought a couple of the correct signs that the capercaillie current: when the white birch is covered with leaves, larch needles, and when birch running out of juice in the trunk. In General, if you saw all these signs in nature, you know – the hunting season for these birds in spring is over and no more should devote this time in order to spend it in vain. Next season will begin in the fall.

Use for hunting headphones will protect your eardrums from excessive load. Besides, the use of active headphones for hunting will help in the orientation during shooting. Active headphones contribute to the gain of quiet sounds, be it a whisper or steps.

It is known that with the arrival of spring, the grouse are in the trees (usually birches) and loudly sing their own songs of spring dear females. It would seem that everything is simple and clear, but… did you know that grouse prefer not all the birch? “How so? And what’s that?”. The answer is simple – “naked”. That is, the trees still covered with leaves. By the way, just the presence of foliage prevents the hunter to shoot, so when there is no foliage, it is convenient to look out for any prey on the tree – whether a little bird or grouse.

It is unknown why nature is so constituted, but it puts us before the fact and not argue. Grouse sitting in the trees only when leaves birch no. Well, when it subsides, leaving the trees and grouse. Stop its ringing song and then meet with them only in the next season.

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