Hunting in Bulgaria

Hunters of Bulgaria set a world record for production of a wild cat and deer, it is not a coincidence. Throughout the country, from forests to subalpine elevations, you can find many types of wild game, birds, predators.

Hunting today, in the past, the diversion of the nobility, and then an elite sport, accessible to everyone. Service in Bulgaria will satisfy even the most picky and demanding guests. 110 hotels and hunting lodges and residences located in the most picturesque corners of the country.

Every year this hospitable country receives up to 3,000 hunters. Hotels in Bulgaria start with a 3-star level. Those interested can find the service at the 4 or even 5 stars.

Hunting tourism in Bulgaria

Organized hunting tourism has started in Bulgaria with the base 39 of the hunting places and stations. It happened in 1960. Now hunting spots is a significant portion of the total area of the country and account for 36 thousand quails, pheasants 115 thousand, 313 thousand partridges, grouse 3 thousand, 45 thousand wild pigs, 71 thousand deer, 2 mouflon thousand, 16 thousand deer and 43 thousand fallow deer.

On the territory of the Republic there are 54 of hunting, each of which provides a full range of services for Amateur and professional hunters. Visitors from other countries can bring their own equipment and weapons. Wishing to bring my hunting dog must have a veterinary certificate.

The hunting season lasts from mid-August to January, peaking in October. Most popular hunting for wild boar and deer. None of the hunters have not remained here without extraction. Many return home from this country with attractive trophies. In Bulgaria, set many world records, including: wild cat 82.99 CIC, wild hog with 158 points, 273.6 red deer and mouflon 222.45 (second largest in the world). A license for hunting you can get in State forest management in the country.

Animals Of Bulgaria

To preserve the ecological balance in Bulgaria, hunting is permitted on large, medium and small game: mouflon, deer, wild goat, wild boar, chamois, wild hare, partridge, grouse, pheasant. To lure birds for hunting, you can use electronic decoy www.30-06.ru the ability to mimic the sound of any hunting birds.

And in order to prevent severe reduction of populations of animals and birds close to hunting organized a special state stations for breeding wild game. This direction is supported by the Ministry of agriculture and forestry of Bulgaria.

The country is inhabited by 830 bears, 71500 chamois, 4300 fallow deer, mouflon 2200, 16000 deer, 1800 wild goats, wild boars, 45000, 36000 quails, pheasants 115800, 2700 capercaillie, grouse 313000. Thanks to its picturesque landscapes and large populations of animals, characterized by excellent appearance and trophy qualities, Bulgaria is considered among the tourists is extremely convenient place for hunting.

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