Knives for hunting

When choosing hunting knives, it is necessary to consider that some parts of knives have different names that applies to both Russian and foreign practice.

One of the criteria, including at the international level, hunting knives are considered to be excellent quality – it is not using additional sharpening of the blade, it is possible to skin the carcass of a dead deer.

To pick up a knife for hunting, you should be familiar with its main characteristics. These knives represent the edged weapons used for hunting animals containing a short bladed, single or semi-double blade.

There are presently a large number of knives for hunting, according to the configuration and the varieties differ in sizes, types, purpose, materials used.

Despite the apparent confusion, which is based on the imagination of the producers of knives, each of the samples is the result of a search for one of the most efficient solutions, taking into account the use of previous experience. Therefore, a hunting knife no matter how strange and original it had all the names of the parts its identical.

To select the sample of high quality in the catalog hunting knives with prices on the company website This company has for more than five years production of handmade knives. During this period the company produced above 5 thousand knives, and over 500 samples authoring by manual execution.

Enterprise in the city of Vorsma is a center for the production of knives in the Russian Federation, which employs skilled craftsmen gunsmiths that have a large experience of their predecessors.

These knives are for hunting, the price of which can be viewed in the catalogue on the website of the company in the city of Vorsma, are made on unique technology for forging Damascus steel. This technology involves the use of forging up to 5 different grades and the number of layers in the manufacture of forgings is more than two thousand.

At the plant in g. Vorsma includes the production of hunting knives for individual orders. For the customer hunting knife, you want to submit sketches, drawings or photo of the desired product.

To order production knife for hunting, you need to go to the website of the online store knives in the CONTACTS section, fill out the order form and send it to the manufacturer.

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