Other ammo is better not to use

The picture of Vasily Perov “Hunters at rest”, the narrator, gesticulating animatedly, telling hunting stories, explicitly in this case by deceiving. However, the young hunter takes everything seriously, and a third companion, an older, incredulously scratches his head…

The plot, as from the present.

Each hunter with the experience certainly was an unusual case involving a hunt, or curiosities, of absurdity, if not something far-fetched.

Ten years ago, during the spring hunting comes to my neighbor and says he was in the morning on the hunt, got a couple of drakes, and that the land appeared geese, let’s say, in party Congress.

The day before I was there, tabunok geese really cool, yeah “gunners” they quickly sent away.

No problem, says the neighbor, I recently bought the containers from “nulevkoy” inside, handy thing, is inserted into the sleeve directly into wads and powder in the finished shell and spin. Give you half a dozen cartridges, and all things, I have two dozen shells.

The word went. I touched up your tent on the edge of the ditch, planted the decoy, and on the sidelines in clean water seated stuffed dives “Sportplast-Magnum”, a sort of okovalka with goose value.

Already the sun to the horizon was approaching, when the offing tabunok of belolaptikov. No fires, geese walking on a circle and gradually decrease.

Quickly change “four” in the trunks ammunition of a neighbor. Goseki flew closer, and I kept blowing homemade decoy from a gas canister, he made sounds exactly bjelolasica.

Tabunok turns towards me and dives straight for my decoys. Flies very close to, thirty meters, but, discovering the trick, shy and vigorously flap their wings.

Aims at the middle, shoot, goose stone falls to the ground; the trunks being moved to another shot, heard a resounding slap of the fraction on the feathers, the goose jerked, spinning propellers, falling two broken pen, and the goose and the whole pack rush up and fly away… But I’ve got one!

Raise the fallen on the edge of a goose and a surprise find – half the pectoral muscles torn with feathers missing. Spawn was not like this, so I do not understand what happened. The neighbor was in another hut and saw everything.

More we did not shoot, and already home for the evening rather midnight tea with brandy, a mystery cleared up.

It turned out the neighbor, equipping cartridges, manual not read, and it was necessary before to be placed in the casings of the containers with the “nulevkoy”, cut the jumper between their petals, which he did not.

As a result, the petals did not deploy, the projectile was a bullet with the container, and therefore was torn torso one goose and sounded unusually loud slap on the feathers of another, apparently, the feathers of the wing. To this we came to the conclusion.

Everything happens on the hunt. And other people’s ammo, even curb you know a hunter, it is better not to use it.

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